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The New Mandate for Accountants (and Their Software)

New technologies have created a shift in job roles, it’s essential to embrace innovations like business intelligence to succeed.

As automation and artificial intelligence (AI) become more advanced and widespread, accounting professionals have seen their roles expand. When a computer program can do routine tasks like preparing invoices or guiding a client through a simple tax return, it’s necessary for accountants like you to develop your invaluable expertise and become even more trusted by your clients.

According to Salika Suksuwan, a human capital leader at PwC, automation and AI allow accounting professionals to “focus more on value-added services, including advising clients and providing strategic insights on critical financial transactions.” Leaders from KPMG and Deloitte agree, noting that new technologies position accountants to upskill and focus on advisory work.

While new technologies have contributed to this shift in job roles, it’s also essential for you to embrace these innovations in order to succeed. Functionalities like business intelligence and 24/7 accessibility have become the new normal.

This explains many of the trends among accounting software buyers. 43% of businesses who are looking for new solutions want increased functionality, including features like budgeting and job costing.

Moreover, a full 35% of accounting software buyers are moving on from QuickBooks. It appears that whether they’re using the desktop or online versions of QuickBooks, these users need more from their accounting software. As businesses move away from the old guard, they also need trusted advisors who can work with the new software they’re implementing.

When examined through this lens, BQE Core stands out even more as a front-runner in the new world of accounting.

Beyond Traditional Accounting Software

Core combines accounting functions with project management, time and expense tracking, billing, and business intelligence in order to offer a true 360-degree business management solution for professional services firms.

By putting all of these capabilities into one platform, Core offers deeper insights, markedly less data entry, and increased efficiency.

Here are just several examples of functionalities that other accounting software lacks.

  • Comprehensive project management and time and expense capabilities
  • Fully functional mobile apps
  • Single-click DCAA compliance
  • Instant job costing
  • Real-time analytics displayed on intuitive dashboards
  • Automatic billing for variable amounts
  • Automatic bank, credit card, and utility feeds

For more information on Core's platform, click here.

Go the Extra Mile

With software that saves time and crunches the numbers for you, you have the resources to make the most of your strategic and interpersonal skills. In the face of low unemployment and increasing globalization, technology offers a way to strengthen the most valuable components of your firm. The new expectation, consequently, is that accounting will become a more interdisciplinary field. According to the International Federation of Accountants, in the coming years, "professional accountants will be expected to look beyond the numbers, which will, in turn, enhance collaborations among members of multiple professions, including doctors, lawyers, environmental scientists, sociologists, and so on."

It's truly an exciting and pivotal time to be in the accounting industry. Go out there and make the most of it!

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