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3 Reasons Why the Core Reseller Program Is So Popular

BQE core system Software aims to provide you the industry's best business partner experience resulting in best-in-class services and solutions.

The Core Reseller Program is growing rapidly as forward-thinking advisors, consultants, and accountants are preparing themselves for the future of business management software. With accounting professionals of all kinds increasingly playing an advisory role, it's become essential for them to stay informed about new technologies. More and more solutions are popping up, and many clients are finding themselves growing out of software like QuickBooks. That means it's up to these professionals to lead them in the right direction.

This ties into why experts are so excited about the Core Reseller Program. It has three tiers: Recommender (level one), Advisor (level two), and Consultant (level three). These levels have various benefits, with all of them offering the following:

  • Education about the latest technology: Core resellers get an inside look at what's new and next in business management platforms. They receive special training to understand how Core works and whether it's right for their clients, so they can guide them to make the most informed investments for their businesses. In addition to training, resellers also enjoy access to BQE marketing and sales materials.
  • A stamp of approval: Certifications are an impressive way of signaling your status as a trusted advisor. They're formal proof of expertise, and they make a difference when signing new clients. A badge from BQE Software, which has a 20+ year track record of providing award-winning software, is a perfect addition to your many credentials.
  • Revenue: Aside from assisting resellers in winning new business, the Core Reseller Program also literally pays. Members get commissions on Core software and services, which increase with the level of commitment to the program.

Get Certified at Accountex

At Accountex USA  2018 in Boston, BQE Software will be doing a complimentary level one Recommender certification session. Vice President of Customer Service and Support Irfan Qazi will lead attendees through Core's key featuresincluding automated invoicing, flexible timekeeping, seamless account reconciliation, and more. He'll demonstrate how the platform makes essential tasks like budget tracking, reporting, and job costing effortless, and will outline the different levels of the Core Reseller Program. 

This certification course consists of everything you need to become a Core Recommender. Since there's no annual fee to join this program, you'll be completely set after this one session! It's all happening on Wednesday, August 22 from 11:30 AM to 12:20 PM in Expo Tech Theater 2.

Make sure to stop by booth 712 as well to learn even more about the business management software that's been recognized by Forrester, the CPA Practice Advisor Tax & Accounting Innovation Awards, the Stevie Awards, K2 Enterprises, and other industry leaders!

Not registered for the show yet? Use our referral code for complimentary admission! Just click this link and use the code BQE at checkout!

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