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7 Ways to Get the Most Out of CORE

If you make a project management investment, learn how to get the most out of it so employees adopt it and your business thrives.

CORE redefines project management and accounting through its innovative design and ease of use. On one platform, you can manage billing, time and expenses, project management, and accounting--all the while enjoying remarkable insights. And, with its mobile capabilities, CORE goes wherever you go.

In order to get the most out of CORE, though, it's good to have some extra help. Our outstanding support resources and team of CORE experts ensure that you can maximize your CORE experience. Here are 7 ways to make sure you're taking advantage of everything CORE has to offer.

1.CORE implementation services help you kick things off. Choose from four-tiered packages to receive the setup, training, and consulting you require. The Quick Start package gets you up and running with CORE in as little as one day, while the Promise Package contains more than 40 hours of training, consulting and data migration.

2. Our CORE training services provide in-depth, instructor-led training sessions on a variety of topics. The introductory courses require no prior training, but individuals interested in the more in-depth, topical sessions benefit from a baseline familiarity with the software. Register for as many courses as you feel you need in order to become CORE-proficient and benefit from all of its features. We can even schedule on-site trainings if that format would be most conducive to bringing your entire staff up to speed.

3. The CORE help center is a treasure trove of information regarding our software. Our comprehensive video library takes you from setting up your new software through to recording payments, reimbursing employees, integrating with other software, and more. More than 20 videos cover topics such as billing, accounting, and generating the reports that you need to manage your business. The FAQs section addresses some of the more commonly asked questions, while our knowledgebase offers detailed information regarding CORE's functions.

4. When you click on our support page, you'll find different ways to contact our award-winning team, from scheduled live online support through our secure portal to telephone and email help.

5. Our webinars keep you apprised of new features and offer tips about making the software work harder for you. Attend live webinars by checking our events page frequently for our updated calendar, or browse our library of recorded webinars to answer other topical questions.

6. CORE custom services put our experts at your disposal. While our software contains everything most companies require for complete project accounting, some businesses have special needs. Through our custom services, our experts work with you until all aspects of CORE, from invoices to reports to special rules, meet your expectations.

7. Finally, don't be a stranger! Stay in touch with us through our Facebook user group. Speak with CORE experts and fellow users in our community. There, you'll be sure to find answers to your questions, keep tabs on company events, and make friends with forward-thinking professionals like you who have discovered the benefits of using our cutting-edge project accounting software.

At BQE, we believe that customer service is integral to our business model. We provide a variety of touchpoints for your company to realize our software's highest potential, from a simple phone call to all-day training sessions. We know what a difference CORE can make in your company, and we look forward to sharing those benefits with you!

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