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Webinar: Improving Project Profitability: The 10 KPIs Your Consulting Firm Needs To Be Tracking

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Project Management

Project Management Best Practices for Creative Teams

For powerful project management skills, it’s important to establish KPIs, your budget, and use an all-in-one platform.

Managing a team of people, especially creative people, is a task that not everyone is up for. Keeping your team on the same page while maintaining a schedule and budget that can keep your firm happy will take confidence and bountiful people skills. Natural leaders can come across as an authority with ease, but to establish successful project management, you must also appear worthy of respect by team members. Alienate your team, and the project is less likely to stay on track. 

Project Management Tips 

Whether you’re new to project management or are looking to enhance your skills, here are some tips for effectively managing your next big project: 

Know Your Industry Better than Anyone Else 

A good project manager won’t just have people skills; he or she will also know about the industry in which the project fits. A leader who doesn’t know enough about the industry or the specific goals of the project won’t create the most useful strategy and the team is sure to sniff that out.  

Be familiar with the industry or product associated with your project so that you have a solid insight into where the project needs to go and how your team will get there.  

Listen to your employees’ insight as well, especially if they have extensive experience in the field. A good project manager is always open to the insight and advice provided by those on his or her team.  

Establish Key Performance Indicators  

If you don’t have a goal are you going to know how you’re doing in your project?  

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are how your project team will know if they were successful at the end of the day. These indicators are often related to quantifiable items like sales or new customer leads. Determine your KPIs at the outset of the project, so your team clearly understands the motivation behind their efforts and can work accordingly.  

KPIs might include an increase in social media engagement by a specific percentage, a certain number of units sold, or a website hit target goal. 

Prevent Delays with a Smart Calendar 

Project delays translate to a postponement of goals and the suffering of the related KPIs. A project calendar that is available to all team members will always help you collectively stay on track.  

iCloud calendars are a smart way to let everyone see where key deadlines are and who handles reporting on them. A good project manager won’t breathe down the necks of his employees, but rather check in periodically to ensure that the project budget and timeline are still in line with the goals. He will offer motivations or troubleshooting as soon as possible if the project starts to fall behind. 

Stay on Budget and Clearly Communicate Your Spending Limit 

Itemize your budget early on in the project. A vague window of how much is allotted for each specific task may easily lead to a habit of overspending and could sabotage your entire project. This is the last thing you need to happen. When you give large windows of spending, and everyone chooses to spend on the high-end of that scale – trouble ensues.  

Clearly communicate the spending limit for each task and allot about 10% of your budget for unexpected excesses. This will give you some wiggle room for unexpected fees, advertising, or employee expenses. Check-in weekly on the budget status and adjust the project accordingly if you see a trend of overspending. 

Project management allows you to provide a big picture oversight to an endeavor, leaving qualified team members to handle most of the day-to-day tasks. In order to successfully and efficiently manage your project, it’s important to have motivated team members who know when to make a call or when to call you in as reinforcement. Staying on top of the budget and timeline concerns will allow you to see the direction that your project is headed, and quickly identify problem team members or areas where there is a lack of expertise. 

Choose Project Management Software that Helps You Manage with Ease 

Project management isn’t easy, but it can flow more smoothly when you follow the above best practices. Another tip? Take advantage of project management software to help you and your team stay organized and on top of each step of your project.  

An all-in-one dashboard that is specifically designed for professional and creative industries can help you easily implement time tracking, billing, project management, and more, so you have everything you need at your fingertips to make your next project a huge success! 

BQE CORE offers intelligent project accounting solutions for the AE and professional services industry that are designed to help increase performance and productivity through streamlined processes and integration.  

Try a free demo today to see just how helpful a project management platform can be for your entire team.  

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