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Take the LEDES and Streamline Billing With Core

BQE Core allows you to export your LEDES for invoices. Whether you bill by the job, hour, or month, you can export into LEDES. Try a free trial today!

If you work in the legal industry, you’re likely familiar with LEDES, also known as the Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard.

For the uninitiated, LEDES is a standard file format used by legal professionals for the electronic exchange of information, particularly invoice data. It essentially provides an industry standard that allows different law firms and clients to communicate more clearly. E-billing in general, meanwhile, cuts down on paper costs while instantly delivering invoices.

Regardless of your level of expertise, you may not know that BQE Core offers LEDES export for invoices. Core supports both the LEDES 1998B and 2000 XML formats and includes mapping with Uniform Task Based Management System (UTBMS) codes. Your activity IDs will be exported as A-codes, while you can choose to label either your time entries or activity sub-codes as L-codes. You can also create custom A-code and L-code mappings for clients. It’s simple to set up the export and select your preferences in Core’s Global Settings screen.

Afterwards, just go to the Invoices screen, select the invoices you’d like to export, and choose the action option “Export to LEDES.”

Your LEDES invoice will then immediately start downloading as a text file. It’s that simple!

By using Core’s LEDES export, you can reap all the benefits of having time and expenses, billing, accounting, and intelligence on one cloud platform. Instead of using disparate systems that don’t share data well just so you can get LEDES invoices, you can enjoy a seamless flow of information and superior business intelligence while easily conforming to this vital industry format.

You can use all of Core’s powerful and flexible features, like automated billing, robust mobile apps, intuitive time and expense tracking, fee schedules, fee allocation, retainer management, and more. Furthermore, no matter whether you bill by the hour or use a different billing arrangement, you can always export your invoices into LEDES. This way, you can simplify your billing and firm management, so you can devote yourself to working with your clients and building your business.

Watch the video at the top of the post to see how it all works.

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