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Have a Need to Export to LEDES?

Have a Need to Export to LEDES? The Export BillQuick Invoices to LEDES Wizard allows you to transer your invoices to a LEDES file.

LEDES (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) is a standard file format used by the legal industry for the electronic exchange of information. The LEDES file format has been successful in unifying the U.S. legal industry especially for the purpose of exchanging invoice data. It ensures a uniform data output from time-and-billing systems of legal firms for export to e-billing systems of their customers.

Traditionally, invoices are sent to customers in paper format. By processing electronic bills, companies save paper handling and processing costs. The LEDES format is primarily used for conventional hourly billing but other billing methods, such as fixed-contract types, are also handled.

BillQuick allows you to transfer your invoices to the LEDES 1998-B and 2000 XML format as a text file. Our Export to LEDES feature fully supports UTBMS (Uniform Task Based Management System) codes. This helps the law firms using BillQuick to send bills in a format acceptable by the legal industry.

The Export BillQuick Invoices to LEDES Wizard (under the Integration menu) enables you to easily export these invoices along with billable time and expense data to a LEDES file. This wizard takes you step-by-step toward the completion of the invoice data transfer from your BillQuick database to the LEDES export database. It provides a flexible mapping feature where you can map standard BillQuick activity and expense codes used on invoices with “L” and “A” codes. Not only can you set different mappings for different clients, you can copy them from one client to another, thus saving a lot of time.

To know more about BillQuick and its Export to LEDES feature, please contact BQE Software.

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