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Pinterest Strategies for Marketing Your Business

Pinterest Strategies for Marketing Your Business - BQE Software

Pinterest seems like an unlikely place for professional services firms to promote their business. Many people think it's just for pinning recipes, and pictures of cute animals. At one time I thought YouTube was reserved for these kinds of things, and then one day I woke up, and had over 10,000 subscribers, and over 600 videos, all for businesses who wanted to better their software skills, especially where increasing productivity was concerned. So here are some Pinterest strategies for marketing your business.

I'm going to be honest. I haven't put a lot of focus on my Pinterest account. And to this day, no one has ever called me up and said, "hey I was just looking at your pins on Pinterest, and wanted to call you for more help." That happens with YouTube almost daily.

So why spend any time on Pinterest?

First, it's free, and it has traffic. Traffic is good. Free traffic, where you can target an audience with relevant content is really good.

Second, what little I have done, has gotten attention. I have some old Excel tutorials on here, and about once per week, I still get notifications that someone has re-pinned one of them.

Third reason. I produce a lot of content (and you should too). Pinterest is great for content. When you Pin a YouTube video, that video plays right on Pinterest.

Fourth. You can embed a Pinterest board on your website.

Hey Architects! Heads up!! 

How about a Pinterest board that features your projects, embedded right on your website?

I have a real estate and architecture board because I just think it's cool. Then again, if I were to pin some stuff in there, that show off my skills with regard to how to do accounting for real estate, and architects, that might just work. Some people will come to see what I've pinned, then find out what I do, and realize they (or someone they know) can use my help.

That's how all of this works! You build a resource, so they come. Then you demonstrate what you do, somewhere in the middle, or in the process. Then people come looking for you for help.

It also helps if you have a proper call to action somewhere. For instance, my videos all invite people to call me for help, so if that's what I am pinning, it's built in.

Of course you should do this in your profile, and another place to do this is in your Board's description. Each board can have a unique call to action, based on that board's contents.

In this video, I am going to use my Nerd Enterprises, Inc. Pinterest account, and create a board dedicated to my posts here on

Then I will embed it on my website.

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