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The # 1 Problem with How Most People Learn Project Management Software

May 11, 2016 | By Seth David | 0 Comments

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Here’s the typical scenario.

You start using a product. If it’s a more robust product, then maybe you get some training with it. The issue is, that at the beginning, you have no clue what you don’t know, therefore no clue about what you need to know. The # 1 problem with how most people learn software is that most people find out what they need to learn in the moment the need arises, and then you’re learning under duress! This is no way to learn anything.

Play with it!

When you first subscribe to, or purchase a product, go in there and play. Much of what you need to know in almost any product you use, will be very easy to work out on your own. This way, when you get into a training session, you can focus that time, and the money you’ve spent, on the hard stuff. The goal of training should be to shorten the learning curve, not to show you what you can easily learn on your own.

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The goal of training should be to shorten the learning curve, not to show you what you can easily learn on your own.

Put a real life use case into the software.

Most people want to go right out there and put every client into their new system. This is a mistake. Keep using your old system, while you put one client or project in your new system. Doing this will give rise to ideas, and knowledge that will make it go much more smoothly as you add other new clients into your system.

Set aside “learning time” on your calendar.

This specifically addresses the issue of learning under duress. Imagine if every day, you set aside a 2 hour block of time for “Reading and Learning?” You should do this anyway - it will dramatically improve your productivity in many ways.

By having dedicated time each day, you can spend a much more relaxed, and engaged session, proactively learning how to use your product. This way you learn things, before the need arises. Then when the need arises, your first thought will be, “thank goodness I listened to that Seth David guy!”

Also, when you do hit those moments where you find you are learning under duress, you can relax, because you have a 2 hour block of time set aside on your calendar, which can now be devoted to learning that thing, you’re about to struggle with in a state of panic!

Here’s what this looks like BTW - it’s ACTUALLY on my calendar, because it is AS important as any client meeting.


Reading Time

When I started doing this, I reduced my stress by about 50%. I was worried that I had work to do. What I found out, was that when I did this, I was much more relaxed and refreshed in the hours that I did work, and I accomplished twice as much, in half the time.

These are much better conditions to work in.

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