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Choose Your Kit Wisely

Choose Your Kit Wisely - BQE Software

After you’ve purchased your BQE product, the next step is to choose the implementation kit that best fits your business needs. We have four implementation kits to choose from – Quick Start, Pro, Elite and Promise Package. Each kit comes with implementation sessions, training courses, consulting services, and more. It’s up to you to decide which kit will help you use the solution to its fullest potential. Read below for more information on BQE implementation and training kits:

Quick Start Kit

The Quick Start Kit is a great way to learn the basics of your BQE product without a large investment of time. It helps you to start off on the right foot with the confidence of knowing what you need to do within the software.

Pro Kit

Get your software installed and set up by one of our experts, then get a solid foundational training on how to use the most important features. The Pro Kit is a valuable way to make sure your BQE product is set up to fit your unique business  needs so you can start confidently using the software right away.

Elite Kit

The Elite Kit allows you to have one of our BQE experts perform a personalized needs analysis. They will also install the software and give you a solid foundational training on how to use it.

Promise Package

With the Promise Package, you get a dedicated BQE expert in your corner. In about four weeks, we’ll manage your data migration process, train you, assist you with your first billing and follow up with you every week for a month to make sure you’re up and running smoothly.

Our goal is to help you successfully implement your BQE products and train you to use the software the right way. Click here to compare what each kit has to offer. Which one would you choose?

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