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Australian Engineering Firm's Clear Vision for Future Growth

Australian Engineering Firm's Clear Vision for Future Growth - BQE Software

About The Harrison Infrastructure Group

The Harrison Infrastructure Group (previously known as Highland Infrastructure Group) located in Brisbane, Australia, is a civil engineering and design firm specializing in program and design management, project management, transport planning, and all aspects of civil design (including subdivision design servicing— both the public infrastructure and private sectors). The firm has mastered the art of networking, which is exemplified by its strong relationships with the state and local government agencies, engineering consultants, town planners, developers, contractors, and architects. Due to their amazing success and expanding business, they have set up more than eight locations in Australia.

Tremendous Time Savings

Prior to implementing BillQuick, everything took a lot longer; invoice reconciliation was time consuming and prone to constant errors as it required transferring data between programs using multiple spreadsheets and manual entry. Similarly, it was not only cumbersome but also took an inordinate amount of time to summarize data for analysis and determine profitability.

Over the past three years, BillQuick has not only given HIG a clearer picture of their current revenue stream, but also provided the ability to forecast revenue and create accurate financial projections quickly and easily. After implementing BillQuick, their profitability has remarkably soared by an impressive 300% in three years.

Recently, the firm implemented BillQuick’s document management and remote access capabilities. So now, their staff can access project data and documents from anywhere they have internet access–virtually expanding their office’s reach.

Features HIG likes most about BillQuick:

1. Saves Time and Money - BillQuick reduces errors and provides speedy access to reports with vital business information. It also has the Invoice Review screen that tracks paid and outstanding invoices, saving managers time and making their jobs easier.

2. Provides Depth and Breadth of Reports - BillQuick has a wide selection of more than 500 reports to choose from, which are well-organized and searchable. It also has the Collection Center and a corresponding report that displays a summary of outstanding balance, payment history, average hourly rate, and average invoice value by client, which can assist the accounting staff in prioritizing collection efforts and credit extension decisions.

3. Analyzes Profitability - BillQuick gives firms the tools necessary to determine profitability with reports such as Profit by Project-Billable Summary. This report provides managers with a snapshot of all the projects and its related gross profitability, cost amount, and bill amount. In addition, it helps project managers quote similar projects in the future with reasonable profit margins.

According to Tony Gordon-Brown, Managing Director of HIG, “I really like the reports so we use some of them regularly, and as we are becoming more familiar with the software, we are experimenting with a variety of the newer versions. Furthermore, we have been very pleased with the custom reports BQE prepared specifically for our business.”

To read the full case study, please click here.

Get started with BillQuick today and begin saving time and money! For more information, visit our website or call (866) 945-1595.

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