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How to Use Social Media to Crowdsource Your Target Industries

How to Use Social Media to Crowdsource Your Target Industries - BQE Software

Previously, we looked at how to build multiple streams of income without losing focus. The key was narrowing our focus onto certain industries and going really deep. Now, let's look at how to attract those clients and how to use social media to crowdsource your target industries.

This is smart marketing, and we have a better opportunity than ever to attract the people we want to serve. That’s what this is all about. You have knowledge about a subject that has tremendous value to a group of people. There are architects out there who are amazing at designing buildings, but they don’t know accounting. Nor should they, because they went to school for something else.

You have to create content. You have to do this anyway, so why not focus your content on the topic that will most likely attract the people you want to serve? Architects, for example, may very well be searching the internet for information on how to handle their books. If you’re an accounting or bookkeeping professional who specializes in accounting for architects, you should post a mountain of content around this topic. Make it useful. Don’t tease people.

There's a tendency to think that giving too much away will mean that your target audience won’t need you. Nothing could be more wrong. Some, in fact most, will only come for the free content, but they never would have spent money anyway. The smaller group of people who are serious about getting help will go on to call you because you're a trusted subject matter expert. Just make sure you always give them a call to action (CTA). It should be clear how to get in touch with you for more help. If you build it, they will come. Remember that? It’s true here more than ever.

Here’s your proof that this works. Do a Google search for “QuickBooks for architects.” Recognize where any of this content comes from? I created a mountain of content on QuickBooks for architects right here on our blog so that Google now views us as an authority on this topic. Don’t think you can’t do the same thing. You might want to get more specific and write content specifically for architects in your area – especially if you live somewhere where the architecture is particularly interesting.

Choose your industry. Specialize. Then educate people in your target audience about things they need help with. Then watch the phone ring or the emails come in.

Oh and one more thing for now… videos are Google’s favorite :)

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