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Make Your Employees Smile with Quicker Reimbursement Checks

Make Your Employees Smile with Quicker Reimbursement Checks - BQE Software

Getting gas. Paying the event fee. Going to lunch. Oh, and eventually getting reimbursed for these expenses. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Whatever the reason for footing the bill for their employer, employees want assurances they won’t have to nag, beg and plead to their manager or office administrator.

For something as seemingly simple as an expense reimbursement, there are enough steps in the process where both the employee and employer can drop the ball. Here are three steps for quick reimbursement checks for employees and fewer headaches for admin staff.

  1. Take a Picture

Losing it in your car. Forgetting it at the seminar. Misplacing it at your office desk. Let’s count the ways you can lose a receipt. And if you’re great at keeping track of those tiny pieces of paper, who wants an extra hassle on their to-do-list?

Team up with your firm’s information technology department to choose a mobile application that can take a picture of receipts so you keep track of them. The image should be saved to your firm’s server or on a server controlled by the application provider. Managers and administrators should be able to access them.

Choose an app, take a picture, then toss the receipt.

  1. Enter the Expense at the Event

Great! You just took a picture of your receipt. Unless you have optical character recognition in the mobile app, you need to enter the receipt’s vendor, amount of the transaction, and the business purpose of the transaction.

The best time to record a reimbursable expense? Right after it happens! The mobile app you let you record the information and attach the receipt. A tap on your phone or tablet and it is saved on your server or a service managed by the app provider.

Want to wait? Don’t do it! We all say we’ll do it tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes, and three different emergencies come up. You never get to the expense report. Do it in real-time.

Enter the receipt’s data while you’re at your event. Never worry about the receipt again.

  1. Cut Checks More Often

When it comes to expense reports, your employees should assist your admin staff – do all the data entry and transaction organization. Employees will get reimbursed quicker.

It’s simple -- The less time admin staff spend processing physical, paper expense reports, the quicker reimbursement checks can be cut.

Help Your Admin Team

Cut down on the headaches of expense reporting by choosing the right automated software system for your firm.

With BQE's software, you can enter time and expenses for projects and events directly into a mobile device, attach images of a receipt to a virtual expense report, and add descriptions of transactions and tasks to expedite the process of cutting reimbursement checks. To schedule a free live demonstration, please email us at or call (866)945-1595 today.

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