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Filter by Selection - A Faster Way to Review Time and Expenses

Filter by Selection - A Faster Way to Review Time and Expenses - BQE Software

BillQuick is famous for its “little intelligent things” that help make your life easier when you’re managing and tracking information. When you review time and expenses in BillQuick you may find yourself looking at a large dataset. There are many ways you can filter and generally pivot around this data using BillQuick. Today I want to show you how the Filter by Selection option can save you a lot of time.

It’s very simple, actually (the most powerful things usually are). You can right click any right click any element in the dataset, and choose filter by selection to show only records with that element in that particular column.

When you first go in to review time and expenses for billing in BillQuick you will be presented with a list of all approved, unbilled, and billable time. This makes sense. What this means is that you can review time and expenses knowing that everything you are looking at has been approved, has not already been billed, and IS in fact billable.

In fact, knowing that everything in the initial view when you review time and expenses in BillQuick is laid out this way, you could theoretically choose Select All and submit everything to (eg the managers) for final review or billing. Let’s say that in this instance as you’re reviewing you decide that you want to bill for one particular client, or project? Or maybe you just want to quickly get at all of the items to bill for a particular manager? Filter by selection lets you access this data in 2 clicks. You can do this on any type of data in the view.

Filter By Selection

The video for this post will show you exactly how this works.


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