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Do You Need a To Do List for Your To Do lists?

o You Need a To Do List for Your To Do lists? - BQE Software

It’s been plaguing me for years. How should I keep track of my “to do list” items? I have tried every tool and application online. I’ve tried paper, notebooks, pocket sized notebooks, index cards, and sticky notes. I’ve tried Google Tasks, Microsoft One Note, computer sticky notes, Microsoft Excel, and Evernote. In between I have looked at, at least a dozen other applications in depth. After all this is what I do. At the end of last year I decided to tackle two major problems that I wanted to find solutions for. These are not one size fits all, so I wanted to find what works for me. Then I can explain why I like what I like to you. I’m looking at CRM’s, To Do Lists, and Project Management applications. That was 3, but there is a lot of overlap between all three of them, so I will likely wind up with 2 solutions to all three problems. Here’s a look at some of the “to do list” solutions I have been looking at:

To Do List Applications

Then look at the project management applications, all of which have To Do Lists Built In:

Project Management Applications

How can you choose which one? You have to decide which to do list application provides the very specific and detailed solutions you are looking for. There is no one size fits all to do list option because they are all different and so are we. In a minute I am going to share with you one to do list application that is growing on me, and of course I’ll tell you why. I will give specific examples of the “to do list” solutions I need and how this one particular application helps me. If you looked at the links above then you’ve already seen the “to do list” option I am talking about.

Of course if you are using BillQuick then you know there is a very nice to do list feature built in. This is perfect for tasks related to ongoing projects, but what do you do about the regular day to day stuff? Also I know I need something for fleeting thoughts. Even though I might put them in BillQuick the next day, I like knowing that I have a tool where I can quickly get an idea down as it pops into my head no matter where I am.

Last night (as of the day I am writing this) I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. Somewhere between the edge of my bed and the kitchen my mind woke up along with me. Next thing I know I am back in bed, my mind racing with thoughts and ideas about a talk I want to give at an upcoming conference this year. It was 2:30 am. A little too early to get up for the day, especially when I know I have meetings in the evening that will not have me back home until after 9pm, but trust me when I tell you that I’ve done it before. I grabbed my phone and opened up Wunderlist. After about 15 minutes of digitally jotting down thoughts and ideas in various to do lists I have set up in Wunderlist, my mind was able to slow down. I just needed to purge my thought process. This application is solving the “To Do List” problem for me and I am going to show you why in the video for this post.

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