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Infographic: The History of Software

Infographic: The History of Software - BQE Software

We spend most of our days using computers at work, smartphones when we're out and about, and tablets and PCs at home. Technology, especially software, has become such an integral part of both work and daily life, it's hard to remember a world without it. In fact, finding a world without computers might be harder than you think; they have been around now for decades. Software has made the impossible possible, and the laborious and tedious, fast and easy.

On the eve of the software industry's 60th birthday, Capterra decided to take a look back on this History of Software and find the biggest and most forgotten-about events that impacted the industry.Take a look at the timeline: are there any big milestones missing? Where would your company fit into this history?

Congratulations to the thousands of software companies that have helped to make history so wonderful and fascinating. With the software industry continuing to grow, we think there is a lot of history still to be made!


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