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Boutique Firm Experiences Revenue Surge

Boutique Firm Experiences Revenue Surge - BQE Software

Bailey Valuations is a boutique professional firm in Canada specializing in business valuations for various purposes (mergers & acquisitions, tax reorganizations, shareholder disputes, estate planning, etc.), quantification of economic losses, and provision of alternate dispute resolution services. Bryan Bailey, owner of Bailey Valuations, was frustrated with the Simply Accounting Pro software his firm was using as it was not only time consuming to enter data, but didn’t provide enough flexibility to suit his firm’s needs. Realizing it was time for his firm to implement new software, Mr. Bailey engaged with a software consultant to assist him in finding a suitable replacement.

The consultant identified a small number of potential solutions, including BillQuick. The other potential solutions offered some of the functionality they required but none compared to BillQuick. Impressed with how quickly a BQE Customer Service and Support specialist returned his phone call, Mr. Bailey was convinced he found the best solution after watching a demonstration of its powerful functionality. Mr. Bailey purchased BillQuick five years ago after seeing, not only how flexible, fast, and easy it was to generate invoices, but how seamlessly it integrated with QuickBooks.

Some of the features that Bailey Valuations likes most about BillQuick:

  1. Excellent Customer Support: According to Bryan Bailey, the BQE Training Department is fantastic at explaining how to maximize the advantages of BillQuick on an ongoing basis. In addition, they were provided excellent initial training, especially on how to integrate BillQuick with QuickBooks. Furthermore, BQE’s Report Customization Team created their reports promptly, correctly, and cost effectively.
  1. Time Savings: After purchasing BillQuick, Bailey Valuations cut the time required to do billing by an incredible 80%+. As per Bryan Bailey, “Generating invoices is so fast and easy, it is almost effortless. I also save an incredible amount of time on billing related questions. I have only received one billing question since I implemented BillQuick. Being transparent and giving the detail rather than only summary information is the key.”
  1. Flexible Solution: Bailey Valuations can now easily manage its time capture and billing tasks. For example, the company has a multitude of clients ranging from one to several projects; so it is important to track the time on the projects separately. In addition, the time and expense tracking functionality in BillQuick empowers the firm to enter the billable time continuously and generate the invoices whenever it is needed. Furthermore, joint invoicing can be done if a client wants a single, consolidated invoice with a breakdown by entity or distinct project.
  1. Revenue Increase: When business runs smoothly and efficiently, revenue is bound to increase. For Bryan Bailey, using BillQuick did just that. For instance, the software has memo fields for logging detailed , qualitative data such as phone conversations and project journal notes. According to him, “BillQuick is completely transparent since the billing detail is very easy to enter, simple to understand, and the clients rarely question an invoice when they have the details.” Since implementing BillQuick and successfully detailing invoices, Bailey Valuations has increased its billing and revenue by at least 20%.

For more information on BillQuick and other BQE Software solutions, please visit our website.

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