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Jumping Ship From Your Old Software Solution, Part 2

Jumping Ship From Your Old Software Solution, Part 2 - BQE Software

In the previous post, you learned about the need to change your software solution. In this part, you can discover the better and smarter option available.

Why Change to BQE Solutions?

Professionals concerned about their future with Timeslips, Wind2/FMS and other time billing software should check out BillQuick and ArchiOffice. Why? Because we add value to our software year after year through hundreds of features, inspired and suggested by customers and prospects. We walk the walk, not talk the talk when it comes to listening to our customers. And we know that we deliver a strong return on investment. Did you know that BillQuick has been consistently awarded as the top time billing and business management software in the market?

No, BQE does not promise a seamless transition. That would be a lie as change is never effortless. But we have procedures and services that reduce the hassle and total investment of change. Of course, some other companies do too. So what's the difference?

Choice. Flexibility.

With BQE Products:

  • you can purchase as much or as little assistance as you want. Add services up-front or as you go along
  • you get built-in conversion tools for Timeslips and Wind2/FMS in BillQuick (besides custom conversions from other time billing software to BillQuick or ArchiOffice)
  • you are not limited to a PC desktop version. BQE offers web and mobile solutions which you can implement anywhere, anytime
  • you control who can access information and how much. You can set user-level preferences and global business rules
  • you get hundreds of invoices and reports can be tweaked or customized to you want
  • you can integrate your data with accounting and other software such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Outlook, Sage 50, etc

You need every billable hour and every ounce of real-time information to survive in this economy. While others are fumbling to fix their information systems and simultaneously trying to get jobs done, thus sucking profits away at an alarming rate, you can be racing past them with higher profits and smoother operations. We can help you move through the changeover process with a dedicated plan that does not waste your time and ensures historical data is intact. No hassles switching between your old software and BQE products for the information you need.

But, please, don't believe this. Let us prove it.

It's the intuitive user interface and workflow. It's the direct link to QuickBooks. I have a full service accounting system that is easy to learn. BillQuick technical support is above any that I have experienced in the industry. Custom requests are available when I need a special report or invoice that happens not to be among the many that ship with the software. I recommend to anybody to check out BillQuick. You don't need to spend thousands for other software to get the tools to track and bill time.”

Judy Ashley
(Olson Lewis Dioli & Doktor,Architects & Planners)

About the Author: Bob Wolff is an accountant-turned-Channel Manager at BQE who helps to offer consulting and software solutions for BQE customers. He likes to share his business expertise here on the blog whenever he can.

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