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5 Ways Automation Can Grow Your Consulting Business

With almost every business-related activity, your firm probably has a process to complete the job as time-efficiently as possible.

With almost every business-related activity, your firm probably has a process to complete the job as time-efficiently as possible.

In other words, you’re automating the process.

To take this another step further, new and improved technologies are helping with the automation process. From emails to generating reports to hiring processes, more and more business processes can be automated if you have the right tools in place.

Effective automation can provide a variety of positive benefits, which is why implementing it is a top strategy for growing firms.  Let’s take a deeper look into some of the ways automation can grow your consulting business, along with some examples of what this might entail.


1. Lower Expenses

If your firm has not automated many of its business operations, the expenses can really start to add up: this can cost you time, money, resources, and opportunity.

As far as a winning mindset goes, look for a few things you can automate to save time, and consider everything that you haven’t automated a loss. Other firms, including your competition, are automating every process they can, so failing to keep up will only handicap your ability to grow. It might seem harsh, but thinking of it this way will open your eyes and inspire you to quickly adjust.

Here's an example of a great time-saver: create an eBook to use for lead generation purposes, and then use marketing automation to to deliver it, as well as follow up with the people who download it. A good lead generation piece provides value to potential clients, and when set up using marketing automation, will work to automatically capture emails of prospective leads, which saves you the time and expense of actively pursuing them.

And the best part? It's not near as complicated as it sounds.

Someone sees something on your website that they’d like to download, and they subscribe with their email address to unlock the content. Once they do, you now have their contact information, and can send them a series of automated follow-up emails that will educate them about your services.


2. Improved Communication

As a consultant, everything you do revolves around the goals and KPIs arranged between your firm and your clients. As such, good communication is so valuable that you can’t put a price tag on it.

There are a lot of ways you can communicate within your firm and with the client – in-person chats, sticky note reminders, and emails all can serve their purpose – but some ways are better than others. In a business built on communication, you want yours to be the best, and that’s where automation comes in.

Good automation will connect the client with your firm without putting as much burden on you. Examples of this could be automating your meeting scheduling, or software like BQE CORE, which can automatically generate and send reports so that everyone stays up-to-date on the progress of jobs.

On top of that, CORE and other business support software come with project management features, which help all your employees work together as seamlessly as possible.

Don’t stress over poor communication. Automate it to boost both your firm’s performance and your client’s experience.


3. More Effective and Efficient Processes

Effectiveness and efficiency are the cornerstones of a productive business. More efficient business practices lead to more billable hours and better bottom lines.

Think about possible cracks in your business operations where you lose time. One common time-drain is accounting tasks, which can be tedious to log and manage. As an alternative, accounting software that can provide all-in-one accounting management will make your firm both more efficient and effective. Areas of assistance could be billing, time and expense tracking, recurring invoices, and more.

By automating, you’re ensuring that small complex tasks are completed successfully, duties are not forgotten, and communication is consistent.


4. Better Employee Motivation

Your employees are all highly skilled, innovative problem-solvers and thinkers. Odds are, they won’t like completing tedious and repetitive tasks as part of their daily operations.

Thankfully, they shouldn’t have to. Automation can improve employee job satisfaction, boost motivation, and aid in employee retention because it allows your talented employees to make good use of their time and focus on areas that really matter.

This underrated effect of automation can revitalize your consulting business with more employee energy and enthusiasm, which will always lead to better results.


5. Higher Productivity Levels

Remember that automation ensures every action is identical, which means results are consistent.

Alternatively, even the simplest of tasks can occasionally fall victim to human error. Accidents happen.

Thankfully, automation reduces the likelihood of mistakes affecting your work, which effectively boosts your overall productivity.


Ready to Embrace Automation? Here’s What to Do Next... 

If these points have helped paint a better picture about the value automation can bring to your business and the ways you can achieve it, you’re probably ready to make it happen for your firm.

There are a lot of different automation programs on the market. Some are good. Others? Not so much.

That said, BQE CORE is all-in-one accounting, invoicing, and time tracking software that will deliver all the benefits from this article... straight to your firm.

You shouldn’t have to shop around and choose several software programs—that will be both expensive and time-consuming. Instead, get the one software that does everything you need for optimal automation.

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