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4 Huge Trends in Project Management for Small Businesses in 2019

Project management is evolving to meet the demands of today’s businesses. Here are 4 major project management trends to keep an eye on.

As we move further into 2019, trends in business continue to change and evolve. These trends, however, can help fuel growth and success, especially for small businesses. Here are 4 major trends impacting project management in 2019.

Real Life Experience Over Certifications = Better "Accidental" Project Managers

We're no longer relying on certifications and licenses to tell us who's qualified and who's not. Experience and personal strengths will likely produce a better leader and employee than certifications alone.

When it comes to Project Managers, what looks good on paper doesn't always translate into job "smarts". For example, thinking on your toes in the workplace isn't something that can be taught but rather learned from experiences (including failures and successes).

In fact, many employees have become "accidental" Project Managers. This means that often times and without being planned, they find themselves taking charge of and leading a project. If they're successful or display a certain aptitude for it, they end up taking on the duties of a Project Manager, even if they lack any certification (they may not even have the title of "Project Manager" yet).

However, experience is by far the key factor in producing successful Project Managers. It can even produce VERY successful "accidental" Project Managers.

All Employees Should Have a Project Management Mindset

Project Management isn't just for IT! A project management mindset is becoming more normal for many types of roles, as having this skill set is likely necessary across departments and job functions. It's becoming less of a specialized role and something that more and more employees are gaining experience in.

As a business owner, it's important to foster this growth and help develop these skill sets throughout the organization. Empowering all employees to be leaders and problem solvers, as well as gain a "take charge" mentality, can benefit your business in a big way.

Collaborating in Real Time Matters and is Necessary

Collaboration tools have become the go-to communication source for many small businesses. Apps such as Slack or other messaging interfaces streamline communication and eliminate the overuse of emails and phone time. Some project management tools, such as BQE CORE, even have messaging features built in for even smoother communication.

These apps aren't just for Millenials, either. Think about it -- would you rather get answers and responses in real time, or wait around for an email or call back?

Remote Work is the New Norm

Giving employees the option to work remotely is becoming the norm, not just a perk. This gives people the freedom to complete work and be successful from anywhere, regardless of schedule.

With so many apps and programs for virtual meetings and conferencing, all tasks can still be accomplished. Employees will likely miss less work when given this freedom, and studies have shown they may even work harder by having fewer distractions or the choice of different environments to channel creativity from.

Office burnout is becoming a thing of the past. Remote work gives the employee lifespan more longevity and will attract a broader audience of potential hires.

The Future of Project Management

Project Management doesn't have to be difficult, messy, or disorganized. With the right project management software, such as BQE CORE, it can be easy and efficient. CORE empowers you to manage your projects (and other operational elements of your company) more easily and profitably.

We've helped over 450,000 users, in 62 countries, run their businesses more efficiently, with up to a 20% increase in project profitability and productivity and 15X the ROI. Great project management starts with great software.

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