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CORE Mobile Receipt Scanning Function for Expense Entries Featured Image

CORE Mobile Receipt Scanning Function for Expense Entries

Jan 16, 2019 | By BQE Marketing | 0 Comments

Say hello to receipt scanning and goodbye to manual entries

CORE's latest update features an OCR-based receipt scanning feature in its mobile app (both iOS and Android) that creates expense entries with pre-filled data.

This saves time and reduces the chances of misplacing a receipt, forgetting about an expense item, or making errors during manual data entry.

Instead of saving and collecting receipts that you have to dig up later when you’re filling out your expense report, you can use this new feature on the CORE Mobile app to scan receipts with your smartphone and instantly enter expense information while you’re on the go.

CORE also picks up on patterns and learns to categorize your expenses and related projects with each subsequent use.

For example, when you first scan a receipt, you will need to identify which project the expense entry belongs to. The next time you scan a receipt from the same vendor, however, CORE will automatically populate the project section (which you can adjust, if necessary), saving you the extra step. Over time, this can amount to hundreds of hours saved.

Here’s a short video of how it works:

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