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3 Ways Cloud Software Alleviates Your Anxiety

3 Ways Cloud Software Alleviates Your Anxiety - BQE Software

Any time new technology comes out, concerns arise. It’s completely logical, and it would be naive for people not to worry at least a little bit when they start to communicate and store information in new ways. This is definitely the case with cloud applications, which run on remote servers and are accessed through the internet, as opposed to being installed on local computers.

That said, there are some very important reasons why switching your firm to cloud software will actually reduce your worries.

1. Simpler IT Support: Simply put, cloud applications lessen your IT burden. Since you access your data remotely, you don’t need to fret about your own servers and installations. This lessens your anxieties about security, reliability, and costs, as you can afford more advanced technology without the in-house IT support. There are no issues with running your software on different operating systems or devices—it all works the same way.

This is also why getting help is easier when you do need it. Given that the software environment is consistent across all devices, your software provider’s support team can pinpoint incidents more quickly. Rather than taking time to figure out if something is wrong with your unique servers, installation, permissions, or so on, they can start working on the solution faster.

Furthermore, all updates for cloud software are automatic. You don’t need to pause your workday in order to download and install the latest version, or worry about whether or not you’ve done it correctly—it’s all taken care of for you.  

2. Better Security: There are a few reasons why your firm will be safer with your data in the cloud. First, an experienced team—that of the software provider—is taking care of your infrastructure, and they’re using data centers with multiple layers of the latest security measures. Since all of this maintenance is outsourced, the cost is completely manageable for small and mid-sized businesses, and everything is safer than it’d be otherwise.

Additionally, with cloud software, the dangers of a stolen or lost laptop are much lower. Given that no software is actually installed on your computer, all you need to do is change your passwords if it falls into the wrong hands.

3. Lower Risk of Data Loss: Building on our point about enhanced security, you’ll also find that the chances of losing data are much, much lower when you use cloud applications. In the event that your hard drive fails, your computer gets a virus, or anything else, all of your cloud-hosted information is still completely secure and accessible.

Once again, these are just a few of the reasons why cloud computing leads to higher efficiency and reduced costs. A less commonly cited benefit—one that’s just as important—is fewer headaches.  

With a cloud project accounting solution like BQE CORE, you know that the vital functions of your firm will be secure. Combining project management, time and expenses, billing, and accounting, CORE offers you the flexibility, speed, and power you need, plus peace of mind.

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