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Too Many Apps But So Little Time

Too Many Apps But So Little Time - BQE Software

There’s no doubt that apps are becoming more important to our lives. As of March 2017, Statistica shows that there are over 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store and over 2.8 million on Google Play. We use apps for everything including social media, games, business, travel, education, music, etc. According to Seth David, apps are so intertwined with our daily lives that we often forget just how many we use to complete the things we need to do every day.

As the apps culture continues to grow, does it get to a point where there are too many apps in our lives? And when we reach the threshold of app overload, how difficult will it be to manage so many apps?

Friction, in the sense of user experience and price, arises when devices are cluttered with apps that we don’t use to their maximum potential. For example, someone who signs up for QuickBooks Online at $25/month could end up buying several apps and syncing everything together for as much as $100/month. In addition to the high cost, the user is now burdened to make sure all the integrated apps are in sync and not causing data pollution. A friction results as they attempt to simplify their life with apps but end up with more work and more issues.

If I plan a vacation on my Tripit app, I would want the flight tracking functionality included for me to get everything done without having to switch between Tripit and Flight Tracker apps. From beginning to end, I want to easily complete my tasks and projects within the context of trip planning in a single application. The same logic should apply when finding an app that solves your core business problems. For instance, if billing for my services involves 4 steps to complete, then it should be all in one app. It’s a hassle to have an app to track time and a different app to bill time because the two steps are the core functionality of the billing process.

At BQE Software, we design our software for the complete process involved with time billing, project management and project accounting. We take extreme pains to make sure these steps can all be completed simply and efficiently within our product so that the user won’t have to seek a third party app. While we fully support third party apps, we prefer those apps to be the ones that bring additional value to the user without increasing the workload. Even though there are too many apps out there and not enough time in the business world to manage them, your business has to find the right core application that syncs well with third party apps and provides a richer user experience.

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