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Firm Efficiency, Growth, and the Keys to Success

Firm Efficiency, Growth, and the Keys to Success - BQE Software

Shafat Qazi Guest Stars on 'The Business of Architecture' Podcast (Part 1)

Shafat Qazi, the CEO and Founder of BQE Software, makes a guest appearance on this episode of 'The Business of Architecture' podcast with Host and Founder, Enoch Sears.

In the show, you’ll discover:

  • Key practices for making your architecture firm more efficient (9:46)
  • The 3 key habits of highly successful firms (12:18)
  • A major game-changer in the future of businesses (watch out for this over the coming years) (18:30)
  • The #1 mistake small architecture firms make which hinders growth (28:28)

Here's a little bit of background - Shafat developed his first business software at the age of 22 and has since been involved in developing and designing business solutions for customers around the world. Because he has been able to consult with hundreds of thousands of firms around the world, he has an in-depth knowledge of business management and accounting practices for small and medium-sized businesses in the A/E industry.

You can listen to the full podcast here. There is a second part to this interview, so stay tuned!

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