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Billing Made Fun Again

Billing Made Fun Again - BQE Software

About Pacific Groundwater Group

Formed in 1987, Pacific Groundwater Group (PGWG) is dedicated to solving the complex water resource and environmental challenges of the Pacific Northwest. The firm offers water resource and environmental expertise in key areas such as groundwater development, property transfer, and remedial investigation and cleanup. They also use the powerful capabilities of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to analyze groundwater-related data for regional investigations.


For time and expense tracking, as well as billing and invoicing, Pacific Groundwater Group (PGWG) was using both Excel and QuickBooks. Their process of manually inputting time into spreadsheets and then transferring the information to QuickBooks for billing was not efficient or easy. At one point, an employee designed a custom solution for the firm, but it was slow, clunky, and difficult to use. They wanted a solution that had simple usability, seamless integration with QuickBooks, intuitive time and expense tracking features, with customizable reports and invoices.


Initially, PGWG tried over 100 different solutions that were inexpensive but did not perform well. Chris Keener, Controller at Pacific Groundwater Group, continued her research online and discovered BillQuick on a software review website. She found that the software had great ratings and was mainly praised for its powerful features and functionality. Chris especially found its affordable subscription prices very attractive.

Benefits & Results

After watching a live demonstration, Chris decided BillQuick was the best fit for PGWG because the software catered to their specific billing needs. Now, employees can print out pre-billing reports in a matter of minutes and send them over to management for quick approval. BillQuick has dramatically shortened PGWG’s Accounts Receivable cycle and Chris couldn’t be happier. “BillQuick made billing fun again!” said Chris. She loves how helpful the BQE staff has been throughout her training process and how responsive they are whenever she had a question. “I cannot express how much I love the company and enjoy working with the support and training teams. This is by far the best software experience I’ve had!”

Please click here for the PDF of the case study.

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