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People Who Think They Just Need Time Tracking - Probably Need More

People Who Think They Just Need Time Tracking - Probably Need More - BQE Software

We could have built and priced a solution based on tracking time, and time alone. There’s a reason we didn’t. Whether you realize it or not, you likely need more. In fact tracking expenses almost always go hand in hand with tracking time. If you’re tracking time, there’s a good chance, it is so you can job cost that time. Beyond that, you may or may not want to bill your clients back based on that time.

That depends on whether or not you’re pricing based on hourly billing.

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What about your expenses? How likely is it, that you have to track time, and job cost it, but not have any expenses to go with that?

If you’re tracking time, it’s because you have a project based accounting system. You have clients, and you perform tasks for those clients, month in, and month out. Maybe your projects are finite in duration, such as an architect. Maybe your projects are ongoing or recurring, such as an accountant or bookkeeper.

No matter how you slice up your projects, you have them, and you have both time and expenses, that need to be tracked.

What about those tasks? Almost every single day, I get at least one e-mail, tweet, or Facebook message from someone who needs a good project management solution. They have a time tracking, solution, an expense tracking solution, and an Accounting or General Ledger solution. In my next post, we’ll look at how to track all of those tasks in BillQuick.

If I add up the cost of having these solutions in separate applications, I am pretty sure it will come out to more than the cost of BillQuick.

BillQuick combines all of these things into one complete solutions. I am normally the first one to day, that in this day and age, you have to go out and use the ecosystem of applications that are out there. At the same time if you CAN consolidate all of these functions into on application, and that one application serves all of these functions really well?

It’s a no-brainer if you can save time and money by using a consolidated application to manage your business.

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