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Custom Dashboards, Integrated Project Management and Accounting, Plus The Project Command Center!

Custom Dashboards, Integrated Project Management and Accounting, Plus The Project Command Center! - BQE Software

When you evaluate a product, it’s important to evaluate the team behind that product. For one thing, you want to make sure that the team, and the product are going to be around for a while. It is equally important to know that a company’s value system is in alignment with yours. Companies who lack integrity, or very likely to run into all kinds of problems, that will ultimately put them out of business. Then you’ll be out on the market, looking for a replacement.

When I met Shafat Qazi, the CEO and Founder of BQE, I learned very quickly that his reputation preceded him. I met Shafat through Doug Sleeter. Doug Sleeter, is the person who taught me to look behind the product, and make sure that what you see there is more solid than the product. Products can come around, and evolve. Teams, don’t tend to have that same evolution. Eventually when I sat down to discuss working with Shafat, there was no question I was getting involved with a company, who has a solid product, and and even more solid team behind it.

I was doing some research on the internet to see how we stack up against our competition. I stumbled on one particular page, that stood out to me. The name of the company was familiar. Next I remembered that a while back, they had launched quite a smear campaign against us on Twitter. I ignore that stuff. It lacks class, and speaks volumes about the “kind” of team who stand behind a product, when they do this.

One thing I cannot stand for, however is lack of integrity. In short, I don’t like liars, and I won’t stand down, when I see that happening. For this reason, I am going to point out the lies I found on the internet, and I am going to poke humongous holes in each of them, as I go through the BillQuick product and show you exactly why these lies are, lies. Either that, or they didn’t do their research, which is just as bad, and not indicative, of the sort of company that I would ever want to be involved with, in any capacity.

Watch the video to see what BillQuick does to solve the problems of custom dashboards, Integrated Project management, and Accounting, and a Project Command Center. These are all areas, that Deltek would have you believe, BillQuick doesn’t have. As I said, either they are flat or lying, or they didn’t do their homework. You pick. I won’t stand for either one. If you’re going to make a claim, you’d better check your facts. I do it regularly. In fact just last week I sent an internal communication to our marketing team here, letting them know that we could not make a particular claim, about the advantages of our product over another, because I discovered in my research, that it was no longer true.

Integrity is EVERYTHING!

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