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Why Did You Start Your Business?

Why Did You Start Your Business? - BQE Software

It isn’t enough that you are really good at something. That’s a good reason to get a job doing it. Your skills will take you to the top of the corporate ladder. You’ll earn a great salary and you’ll be paid handsome bonuses along the way. Eventually you can retire with a nice pension and savings to live off of.

It also isn’t enough that you want to make more money. That might be exciting for a while but it won’t be enough to sustain you. Eventually you’ll get bored or burnt out and you’ll find yourself looking for a job again in order to simplify things.

No you start your own business because you can see an opportunity to make a real difference. Like Susan Solovic said when she recently spoke at The Sleeter Group Solutions Conference, you create a noticeable difference. Then it has to be sustainable.

What are you going to change about your industry? What are you going to do that no one else is doing? What are you doing so differently that you will disrupt your industry?

Have you found a way to make your favorite hobby or activity into an income producing vehicle? Many people tell me that they wouldn’t want that to become their “job.” Therein lies the critical problem – in how you look at it. It never has to become a job. When you make money doing what you love to do then it isn’t a job. I haven’t worked in years because I make a living doing something I love to do – producing content. I love to write. I love to record training videos. I love to help people learn to do things that make their lives easier. It’s all I think about.

When you have that extreme passion for something, you must follow that. I am not talking about loving your job, or even doing what you love. I am talking about finding something that you can’t wait to get up to do every day. Then you find you don’t want to go to sleep because you just want to keep going. Then the challenge is finding balance.

When you find that your challenge is finding balance because you have so much passion about what you are doing that you just want to keep doing it, then you have found something where you can’t help but create a noticeable difference. You don’t have to try, you just “DO.” At this level you can’t help but rise to the top. You’ll give up everything else just to have the opportunity to do this, because doing this puts you exactly where you want to be at all times and in all space in The Universe.

So tell me. Why did you start your business?


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