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SF-based Architectural Firm Increases Efficiency and Improves Cash Flow

SF-based Architectural Firm Increases Efficiency and Improves Cash Flow - BQE Software

After evaluating other software options, William Duff Architects chose ArchiOffice as their best solution for their business needs. “We like that ArchiOffice is affordable, includes budgeting, contacts, and file management capabilities, in addition to time tracking and invoicing features. We are able to maintain all of our information in a single database management system that is specifically tailored to the architecture profession,” said William S. Duff, Jr., Principal and Founder. “We also felt comfortable with our choice because we knew other architecture firms that were using ArchiOffice and were happy with the results.”

Comprehensive Project Insight

Project managers instantly know which projects are over budget or understaffed. Project managers no longer have to waste time gathering irrelevant and outdated information for resource and staff allocation purposes. By using ArchiOffice, WDA project managers are able to track real-time costs against a baseline budget on every project. PMs now have a better insight into their project’s status, staffing needs, and cost to completion. Overall, real time tracking tools found in ArchiOffice empowers PMs with the information they need to make smart decisions.

Highly Efficient Invoicing

Billing clients has never been easier. ArchiOffice has reduced the effort it takes to bill clients on time. For instance, project managers are able to review employees’ timecard entries in real-time. Data from timecards are automatically included in their invoices, allowing administrative personnel to create accurate invoices and minimize billing disputes. With the help of ArchiOffice, WDA is utilizing a more efficient invoicing system to improve their cash flow.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Administrative staff has more time to work on other projects. Since using ArchiOffice, WDA has drastically reduced administrative overhead costs. “We have saved an estimated 8 hours of Principal level time and 16 hours of administrative billable time per month or about $3,160 per month, which is nearly $40,000 per year,” said William S. Duff, Jr. WDA administrative staff can now focus their attention on other management projects besides reporting and invoicing.

William Duff Architects has seen immediate benefits to their business since the implementation of ArchiOffice. Within a couple of months, they increased billable staff utilization and reduced accounts receivable workload. Thanks to a full suite of business intelligence tools specifically designed for the architecture market, WDA has experienced a solid return on their software investment and an increase in revenue. As their business continues to thrive, WDA managers and employees are more focused and productive than ever before.

Please click here for the PDF of the case study.

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