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What Small Business Buyers Want in Their Accounting Software

What Small Business Buyers Want in Their Accounting Software - BQE Software

According to a report by Software Advice, a trusted resource for software buyers, people have unique needs and motivations when searching for the right accounting software for their business. At Software Advice, a team of software analysts recently surveyed a random selection of 385 buyers, most of which represented small businesses, to learn their biggest pain points and what features they want most in their accounting software. This research suggests that while many buyers continue to use more traditional accounting methods, there is an increasing preference for more advanced features and functionality.

The following are key findings from this report:

  1. 25% of surveyed buyers were using QuickBooks as their existing accounting software.
  2. Buyers cited a need for additional features (41%) and greater efficiency and accuracy (32%) as top reasons for wanting to replace their existing accounting system.
  3. Buyers’ preference for a cloud-based deployment model in their accounting software was 32% lower than the average.

The report explains that buyers ultimately want greater functionality and efficiency, more core accounting applications, and a fully integrated suite in their accounting software.

While there are many accounting programs available today, BQE Software’s BillQuick has a simplified yet sophisticated set of features incorporated into its streamlined user interface. It covers everything from accounts receivable (billing, tracking collection and aging, payments, retainers, etc.) to accounts payable (purchase orders, vendor bills, credits, deposits, checks, etc.) and general accounting (journal entries, registers, bank reconciliation, financial reports, etc.). Furthermore, BillQuick specifically helps small to midsize businesses improve their efficiency and workforce productivity.

Please read the Small Business Accounting Software BuyerView report and visit BQE Software’s website for more information.

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