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Project Management

QuickBook Software for Engineers - Customers, Jobs, & Projects

Engineers, learn how to setup QuickBook Software with this video tutorial. A step-by-step guide to setup customers, jobs, and projects.

So far we've seen some pretty generic stuff in terms of setting up QuickBooks. Not much of it was really “engineer specific” other than, perhaps, the names we’re using for items and accounts. Still this is important for engineers and any professional services entrepreneur to understand when setting up QuickBooks.

Now I want to get into something that will appeal more specifically to engineers who are using QuickBooks-setting up your customers and jobs/projects.

In this video, I begin to show you how to set up a customer and then create a job (or project) for that customer. I also explain why it’s important to create a job separately rather than recording the job-specific information at the customer level, even if you think you will never have another project with this customer ever again. Finally, for this week I take a look at the job-specific information you can track, how to set that up and where there are limitations as well as what you can do in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions that you won’t be able to do in QuickBooks Pro or Premier.

Take a look at the video and please post your comments or questions below.

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