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QuickBooks for Architects - Advanced Reporting Techniques

QuickBooks for Architects - Advanced Reporting Techniques - BQE Software

QuickBooks has a pretty robust reporting area that gives you much of the most basic and obvious reports any architect, or for that matter any small business owner would normally expect to see in their accounting software.

At the same rate, the more you get into your software and what you can get out of it, the more you are going to demand of it. This means that invariably at some point you will find yourself wanting to do things with your data that QuickBooks just can’t do.

A common example of this is when you want to see a sales by customer report totaled within each customer by the services they were billed for. QuickBooks cannot do this. I can run a sales by customer report in QuickBooks and I can run a Sales by Item report in QuickBooks, but there is no way to combine this information into a single report.

There are some 3rd party apps out there that will help you do this kind of thing, but what if I told you that in 30 minutes or less I can show you a simple way to extract the data from QuickBooks and get that extra sophisticated reporting you need without having to have a whole lot of advanced knowledge?

This video is 30 minutes. My suggestion is watch it in pieces. Pause it frequently, open up a sample QuickBooks file and practice what I am showing you. I am confident that once you get through this process once, you will agree that it isn’t very difficult at all. Then you will start to get ideas way beyond this one simple example that I am using in terms of other reports you can generate with this same dataset.

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