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Accounting Made Easier with Integration

Accounting Made Easier with Integration - BQE Software

Unless you’re running an accounting business, chances are high that accounting tasks aren't your favorite part of work. Thankfully, there’s software to help you run any business almost effortlessly, with the ability to sync and manage your accounting data.

If you want to send bills faster than you’re able to with other third-party accounting programs, BillQuick can help. Not only does it deliver a streamlined billing process (by eliminating duplicate data entry), it also gives you better client communication, simplified data management and lower administrative costs. BillQuick intuitively extracts data from and delivers to third-party accounting software like QuickBooks, Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree), and MYOB to simplify your processes dramatically.

Why Integrate BillQuick with Your Accounting System?

Here are some quick improvements you can expect to see when you start integrating BillQuick with your accounting solution:

  • Accounting bottlenecks are mitigated or eliminated
  • Human error is significantly removed from your records
  • Financial data becomes more secure
  • Performance is improved
  • Data entry takes less time and effort
  • Duplicate entry is eliminated
  • Information is delivered the way you want to see it
  • You can be more productive and accurate

Let’s see how BillQuick can benefit your business in time and cost savings by replacing manual and duplicate data entry with its easy-to-use and reliable sync tool.

Seamless Transfer

Instead of having to manually export a file, and then open third-party software to select and import it, the integration tool exchanges data between the two applications with a click of a mouse—no need to keep track of an export file.

Or if you want to only sync specific records, the sync filters on the Integration Settings screen will allow you to do so without missing out on anything.

You are also provided with several options for syncing data such as real-time, on-demand and scheduled sync modes.

No Duplication of Data

Each record common to BillQuick and your accounting program shares a unique Link ID that identifies them as related and reduces the possibility of creating duplicate records. After the initial setup, you can synchronize data between the two applications without worrying about creating duplicate data. This is the Never Enter Data Twice principle that BillQuick stands by.

Simplified Client Detail Transfer

Keeping client details is important to every business. With the smart sync tool, client details and others are automatically updated each time a new record is synced between BillQuick and your accounting program. So any changes you make are quickly reflected in the other application after each sync. From company name to email addresses of clients to project details, every bit of information is synced.

Invoices and Payments with All the Bits and Pieces

We understand the value of information on your invoices. That’s why the sync tool in BillQuick transfers the desired information on your invoices, in summarized or detailed format, without any hassle.

In addition, synching payments could never be easier. Information like payment date, pay method, pay amount etc. is transferred with just a mouse-click.

Late Fees Transfer Too

Savvy business people know the power of keeping on top of their aged receivables. The sync tool also allows you to transfer late fee charges to your accounting software just as standard invoices. Ensuring that the payments are applied to the correct invoice and late fee invoice is helpful because this information is displayed when the clients review their invoices.

The data integration feature in BillQuick addresses a real pain point for most companies, especially their accounting departments. You can check out more about data integration from our website.

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