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How to Stand Out in Your Firm

Sep 10, 2013 | By Bob Wolff | 0 Comments

Many people feel that their hard work is often not acknowledged. Maybe it's because you are not doing something right. To succeed in anything, you must have some special qualities that set you apart from the crowd. Here are a few tips that anyone can implement to stand out in their firms. Ask yourself if you are doing these things, and if not, start working on them right away.

Go the Extra Mile

Many employees, business owners, and managers arrive to work very early. It is a good thing, but what do you do in the extra time? Put your thoughts together? Read your mail?

Instead of working on your stuff, you can do something for the company that everyone can see. For example, you can look into unsolved problems left over from the previous day. Set up things, so that employees can get to work quickly when they come in. You can work on a project that other people do not want to work on.

Become Known for a Specific Skill

Reaching certain heights, whatever they may be, will not make you stand out. Go beyond the norms. Become the leader known for helping employees that are struggling. Become the employee who acts fast, responds quickly, and takes the initiative. Select a mission and then work toward it. People are bound to notice.

Be a Team Player

Team players are able to work with others effectively, whether a task is part of their job description or not. Whenever you get a chance to work with a co-worker, take it. You will learn new things and be known as a helpful person too. Whenever you find useful information or resources, share it with others. Encourage and support your co-workers.

Take on Side Projects

You are expected to excel at a project that has been assigned to you. But you will really stand out when you excel at a side project. This also applies to business owners. You can experiment on new processes, technologies, and services for a particular customer. Believe it, your customer will appreciate that you tried to help without them even asking for it and you will build a good relationship with the customer.

If You Give Your Word, Stand Behind It

Many people give their word or take a verbal stand, but how many really make sure that it is upheld? Consider this scenario. An important project is showing signs of failing. Instead of pointing out the flaws, if you wanted to stand out, you would have jumped in and fixed it. Everyone will discuss the problems, but people who find solutions are the ones who stand out.

Speak Out

Personal interests are useful icebreakers because they help people identify and notice you. An employee who has just joined a company will benefit from this. But ensure that your professional commitments are not overshadowed by your interests. For example while it is a good thing if you are known as 'the guy who runs marathons', it is not a good thing if you are known as 'the guy you can never reach when you need him, because he is always training for and running marathons'. Letting people know about your personal interests can help you stand out in the firm.

Work Harder Than Everyone Else

Calvin Coolidge once said that nothing in this world can replace persistence and hard work. There is no substitute for hard work and never will be. Take a look around. How many people are actually giving it all they have? Not many. The best way to stand out from other co-workers is to work harder than them.

About the Author: Bob Wolff is an accountant-turned-Channel Manager at BQE who helps to offer consulting and software solutions for BQE customers. He likes to share his business expertise here on the blog whenever he can.

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Bob Wolff
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Bob Wolff

Bob Wolff is Director of Business Partnerships at BQE Software. He began his career in public accounting and went on to start a consulting firm, Fresh Eyes, providing technology, marketing, sales, support, strategic and tactical planning, and executive coaching to various professional services firms until he joined BQE Software in 2004. His greatest joys are his wife, Dayleen, his dogs, Roxie and Wilson, writing science fiction, and helping BQE grow.

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