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Track Staff Performance in Real-Time with Intelligent Timecards

Track Staff Performance in Real-Time with Intelligent Timecards - BQE Software

Timecards have caused staff and employers headaches for decades. Employees dread completing them as much as they do completing their tax forms. But the longer employees wait, the less detail they can recall when finally sitting down to enter time slips for the last week–or two. This results in inaccurate billing with an adverse effect on your cash flow.

A solution to this is to reduce the obstacles that result in staff procrastinating and give them motivation to enter slips on time. ArchiOffice’s smart timecards do this by making time entry fast and easy. These intelligent timecards also provide real-time feedback, showing how staff members are falling behind on projects when time isn’t entered. Timecards also provide an instant understanding of the performance of each phase. No longer is it possible for your staff to act like they didn’t know the project was going over budget.

Super Smart and Fast

The ArchiOffice Timecard screen provides a quick and easy means for time entry. Your employee can enter several slips in seconds and the timecard does most of the work. Once an employee specifies her name on a timecard, it only displays projects to which she’s assigned. The employee only sees phases and tasks related to her assigned projects. And, when phases and tasks are flagged as completed, they can no longer be selected for time entry, significantly reducing incorrectly assigned time.


ArchiOffice 2013 Timecard screen ArchiOffice 2013 Timecard screen


Performance Feedback

Your employees can see a week of time entries with the ArchiOffice Timecard screen in what’s called an Efficiency grid. This grid shows employees how much billable and non-billable time has been recorded. An efficiency score, the percentage of billable time entered out of the target billable time, displays for each day and week. The grid calculates efficiency as employees enter time. Staff can see how efficient they are in meeting the target hours set by your firm’s project or office manager.

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Improved Project Management

The ease of time entry and immediate feedback of the Efficiency grid significantly improves project management. The simple time entry process and real-time feedback result in employees entering slips on a timely basis. Also, having a slip efficiency of 0% for a week doesn’t help an employee’s chances for a bonus.

Decision making for principals and project and office managers also improves because project data is accurate and current. And if projects are set up to require staff to select tasks for time entry instead of entering a description, project managers can monitor the tasks employees are working. Using the Projects > Tasks screen, they can see the hours budgeted for each task and how many hours employees have actually worked.

It’s worth a manager’s time to fully explore the ArchiOffice Timecard. It promotes timely slip entry and results in accurate performance metrics, not to mention improved cash flow. To learn more about ArchiOffice, check out our website.

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