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A Professional Invoice is a Paid Invoice

A Professional Invoice is a Paid Invoice - BQE Software

You're not still doing invoices the hard way, with minimal branding for your company, are you? BillQuick comes loaded with a complete set of more than 150 awesome invoice templates in it, to save you the trouble and time it takes to create your own. But don't worry--these invoices can be customized to fit your preferences. Yep! They're clean, professional and a breeze to read. My point: your clients will understand them, take them seriously, and maybe actually pay them. We can't make promises, but we can hope. Anyway, the templates are worth a look: check out some samples on our website. Or, contact us to get a copy of the full Invoice Book!

All the invoice templates are organized into the following oh-so-convenient categories for you:

  • Cost Plus Invoices
  • Fixed Invoices
  • Hourly Invoices
  • Joint Invoices
  • Manual Invoices
  • Phased Invoices


Some of the most popular and useful BillQuick invoices include:

- Hourly Invoice with Memo
- Hourly Invoice by Activity without Rate, Unit
- Fixed Invoice
- Joint Invoice Summarized
- Cost Plus By Classification
- Hourly Invoice by Employee
- Hourly Invoice with Billing History
- Hourly Invoice by Classification
- Joint Invoice
- Fixed Invoice with Extra Hours
- Fixed Invoice with Percent Complete
- Joint Invoice Phased with Percent Complete
- Joint Invoice with Contract Sum
- Phased Invoice with Expenses

View this slideshow for a quick look at some of them:

[slideshow_deploy id='9379']

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