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Our Top 10 Most Popular Blogs of 2020 Related to CORE

Our Top 10 Most Popular Blogs of 2020 Related to CORE

Feb 2, 2021 | By Tabitha Jean Naylor | 0 Comments

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Throughout 2020, we actively shared content through our blog to add extra value to our customers and followers. Now, as 2021 gets into full swing, we wanted to look back one last time to the blogs of 2020 and recap the top 10 posts we shared related to CORE, our professional service software.

From ways to use CORE to improve your business to reasons you should switch to CORE, we covered many facets of our flagship software.

If you missed any of these stand-out posts, now is the perfect time to go back and review them before turning your focus to the great content we have coming down the pipeline in 2021.

1. 8 Key Performance Indicators Architects Use to Measure Firm Growth

When dealing with KPI’s, believing the information they present is only possible if the data is provided both accurately and in real-time. If the information does not come in real-time, you will be making decisions based on conditions that existed a week, or even further, in the past. For architects who are expected to create sustainable architecture for their customers, they must first create a sustainable firm by implementing a system that delivers real-time KPI’s, and once that’s in place, there are 8 essential KPI’s architects should use to measure the growth of their firm. Find out what they are in this post.

2. BQE CORE CRM - The Client Relationship Management Software Built for Professional Service Firms

This post takes an in-depth look at BQE CORE CRM, which was built to handle the specific needs of professional service firms and is the first-ever client relationship management system created specifically for them. CRM software can help a firm manage a business, but CORE CRM has many unique features that cater to professional service businesses, just like your own. One of these specific features includes the tailoring of all the tools you need for your business, not the typical one-size-fits-all CRM offering. Also, CORE CRM provides an all-in-one, fully-integrated platform that instantly syncs data with other CORE applications. More can’t-miss features can be found in this post.

3. Top Project Management Reports in BQE CORE

BQE CORE can generate many top-level project management reports, but for their value to be maximized, there are some best-practice analysis procedures to which our customers should adhere. With this in mind, we created a report cheat sheet that breaks down the different types of analysis into several key areas and then highlights the different reports and approaches that are useful therein. From the General Project Review, which includes reports such as the project list, project status, and contract analysis, to more specific analysis such as job costing, financial analysis, or project information tracking, this post covers all the different CORE reports before offering tips to improve reporting efficiency.

4. Maximize Your Project Analysis and Profits Using Budgeting in BQE CORE

Projects must be completed on time and within budget for them to be profitable, but that is easier said than done. For most firms, deadlines offer a very real, very unmistakable target, but budgets are different. Because firms often don’t have the tools that allow for real-time visibility into the financial performance of their projects, budgets are much less obvious and easier to miss. Fortunately, BQE CORE offers a robust budgeting tool that ensures your team will never be surprised by project overruns. This post explains the best ways to use the tool to put your budgets to work, create a budget, assign budgets to projects and phases, and more.

5. ACH ePayments in BQE Core - Available Now!

Every time we roll out a new feature of BQE CORE, we’re very excited to share it. This could be said of the ACH ePayments feature we introduced in late September, and this post announced the new update to a very warm reception. While this update isn’t “breaking news” anymore, it is still a very valuable feature available to all BQE CORE customers.  In this post, we covered the update, which meant CORE had expanded the available online payment options to include Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer payments, and what this meant for our customers.

6. CORE CRM: How to Use It and Win More Customers

This post is a webinar wrap-up that accompanied the release of CORE CRM featuring a video from Shafat Qazi, the CEO & Founder of BQE software, in which he walks you through everything you need to know to start using the system.  Successful businesses must manage interactions with their future and current customers, but often client relationship management can be a time-consuming and tedious task that’s highly susceptible to human error. That’s why CORE CRM is a game-changer: from maintaining constant updates on leads and opportunities to evaluating campaign results and sales team performance for your entire organization, CORE CRM was built to anticipate the needs of professional services just like yours.

7. How to Use Financial Budgets in BQE CORE

Once again looking at the budgeting feature of CORE, this post from June shares the power of financial budgets in BQE CORE. Not only does the software allow you to track your financial budgets, but it also helps compile all the information from the budgets into reports that share critical data that your company needs to succeed.  From answering questions about why you should use financial budgets in CORE to sharing the step-by-step guide for setting up a financial budget in CORE, this post explains the power of the CORE budget reports and everything you might find inside of them. This quick read packs lots of valuable info that can help you take your budgeting to the next level.

8. How to Simplify Time Entry in CORE for Small Firms

At BQE, we want all of our customers to understand the best ways to use our software, and that’s the purpose of this explainer post. One of the problems that COVID-19 presented to small firms has dealt with a timely submittal and approval process, especially with many employees working remotely or on virtual teams. CORE can assist in simplifying entry from the general timekeeper in the organization to the principal, and this post explains the different features of CORE that can help you do exactly that, from Time Card to Expense Tracking. Coming in late December 2020, this content is still fresh and could provide valuable insight for you and your small firm.

9. 5 Reasons You're Afraid to Move to CORE (and Why You Shouldn't Be)

Letting go isn’t always easy. We understand. But sometimes it’s best to move on, and that’s why we released this post about the 5 reasons you’re afraid to move to CORE, and then we also debunked the fears surrounding them to help make your decision easier. Trust us when we say that we have heard them all, and you’re not alone in apprehension to switch to CORE, but what we’ve also heard from people that make the switch is they are thankful they did. From “I have concerns about my data being on the cloud” to “BQE CORE doesn't integrate with my QuickBooks Desktop,” we looked at the most common reasons and beliefs that shackle potential customers to the days of old and then dispel them in this must-read post.  Change might seem difficult, but we’re here to help.

10. Step-By-Step Guide to Integrate CORE and QuickBooks

Data integration between CORE and QuickBooks can make your time billing, accounting, and financial management tasks easier, and this post presents the 4 Steps to Integrate New CORE with New QuickBooks. The post works as a guide to help you understand the basics of data integration and show you how CORE controls the entire integration, enabling you to choose accounts, what data flows between the programs, and much more. CORE automatically creates smart connections using your settings and its built-in intelligence. If you’re ready to use the 4 steps to help yourself and your firm, this page will help you every step of the way.


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