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How to Navigate Technology as a Legal Firm

How to Navigate Technology as a Legal Firm

May 19, 2020 | By Rosemary Kupfert | 0 Comments

Topics: Legal Technology, Time and Expense Tracking

Here at BQE, we realize that technology can be a step behind in its adoption with legal practices. It’s hard to navigate. We understand. But, there are exponential benefits for both individual attorneys and a firm. Let us break down a few of these issues and hopefully raise some discussion.

Time Management

It’s extremely difficult to run from one courtroom to another and keep track of time billed. However, it is imperative to be upfront and honest with your clients on a day to day basis. After all, they’re the one’s struggling, but you’re putting in the hard work to help either defend or prosecute. It’s a two-way street in most cases.

Time management is a priority to properly address client needs, but also report back to your firm for proper billing and create an amicable solution. Your clients are your lifeblood, and transparency and billing should match that relationship.

Don’t Piecemeal

Software products on the market are disparate and technology may divide a firm’s best practices. A unified solution is critical to ensuring your client’s satisfaction, and ultimately, their best results in a trial situation. Reflectively, as a single attorney, you must be held accountable to your firm’s motives and ambitions to best represent. It is crucial to provide transparency and a sense of humility towards helping them, or ensuring that your prosecution goes properly.

Having a single sign-in method and making this technology easy to use is a major benefit to your clients and your firm as well. People in legal struggles are in fact struggling in their own personal lives, and the reflection of a firm’s knowledgeability only owes credibility back to the attorney.

Think about Mobility and Cloud-Based Software

An attorney’s life isn’t easy. When they return to the office, the minutiae of detailing cases and time management can be a weighty task. The ability to upload data in real-time can ease stress and create a better situation for both the attorney and the client. Let’s face it; attorneys have a lot to deal with outside of the courtroom, but the critical factor is to ensure this data is not compromised and properly reported.

Having a solution in place like this also will contribute to an attorney’s happiness at work and their esteem for the firm, as it will boost their productivity and save time so they can best focus on their clients.

Prepare for disaster situations like COVID

The coronavirus outbreak has companies of all types scrambling to update their technology stack to accommodate employees working from home. This can be anything from accounting software, resource management tools, time management tools, and even simple communication products. Now is a time to reflect on how your technology stack has stood up to this challenge. If something similar were to occur in the future, we recommend using a unified platform that is comfortable for all employees. Feel free to check out our previous post, with some more insight on how to prepare for the return to normality after COVID-19 subsides and also how to make sure you’re prepared into the future.

The primary solution?

Focus on an easy technology solution. This will free up attorneys’ time and allow them to move from one case to the next, while still appeasing their client base. An attorney’s reputation can be on the line at any given time; however, we believe that with a proper system in place and the attorney and client’s pleasure at the forefrontany law firm can stand above the rest.

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