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Free Webinar: How to Simplify Invoice Payments and Get Paid Faster

Free Webinar: How to Simplify Invoice Payments and Get Paid Faster

Dec 2, 2020 | By Isaac O'Bannon | 0 Comments

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The move to digital payments has been progressing for years, as businesses are increasingly leery of the potential pitfalls of paying by check. 

Checks can be stolen, altered, falsely printed, lost, arrive late, and there are many more factors that just further show that the old, paper-based process of issuing and receiving checks for business services is antiquated and prone to fraud.

With the pandemic causing vastly more businesses to have employees work remotely, including accounting and bookkeepers, it’s even more important that businesses who receive checks move their clients to the more secure and manageable process of electronic payments. 

On December 8, BQE Software will be offering a free webinar on how accounting, engineering, architect and other professional service firms can simplify payment processes for their clients by using an integrated, secure and convenient electronic payment system. The webinar will cover:

  • Why electronic payments matter
  • 3 steps to become online-payment-ready
  • What is cash flow acceleration and how to implement it
  • How to help your clients pay via echeck or credit card the same day they get your invoice.

Additionally, consider these other benefits of accepting online payments:

  • Faster, much faster, even same day payment and receipt, resulting in quicker cashflow
  • Less burden on staff to manage AR and collections and reminders
  • Save on postage for mailed invoices
  • Greater security than paper checks
  • Customers/clients have more trust and respect of vendors that use modern tools
  • Ability to set up automatic recurring payments or installments
  • Customers can use credit cards

Learn more about the benefits to firms and clients of accepting digital payments in your firm. 

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Isaac O'Bannon

Isaac M. O’Bannon is the managing editor of CPA Practice Advisor and has been advising accounting and technology firms for 20 years.

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