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BQE CORE Named 2021 Accounting Category Leader by GetApp

BQE CORE Named 2021 Accounting Category Leader by GetApp

Mar 4, 2021 | By Tabitha Jean Naylor | 0 Comments

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GetApp, the independent digital technology authority, has recognized BQE as a leader in the fields of expense management software and billing/invoiced solutions. In addition, BQE has also recently ranked among the top 10 in GetApp’s Quarterly Showcase Rankings in both the cloud accounting software and time/expense management software categories. 

In January of 2021, GetApp released its new list of top SaaS applications for a range of specific functions. BQE CORE not only made GetApp’s list of the Best 15 Digital Platforms in Accounting category... it also topped it. 

About GetApp: The Top Business Apps Discovery Platform 

Praising BQE CORE for both its effectiveness and its ease of use, GetApp awarded CORE a near-perfect score of 99 out of 100 based on a range of detailed criteria.  

But exactly what is GetApp and what is its purpose?  

GetApp is a highly-trusted resource in SaaS software review and endorsement with over a decade of experience in the delivery of entirely unbiased and data-driven rankings. As part of its efforts to help professionals find the software and apps that best meet their specific and unique needs, GetApp enables users to compare various software products clearly and easily.  

GetApp’s core mission is simple: to provide SaaS software consumers with the information and resources that they need to make informed decisions for the organizations that they represent. It bases its interactive tools and detailed product data on a range of “research, insights, trends, and validated user reviews.”  

BQE CORE: The #1 Overall Accounting App Based on 5 Criteria  

To produce one of its most thorough and helpful rating benchmarks, GetApp annually ranks the most popular SaaS platforms in a broad spectrum of categories, which are based on multifaceted and detailed ratings of app end-users.  

BQE CORE topped GetApp’s 2021 Category Leader list for Accounting Software based on hundreds of individual user rankings. These rankings take five key criteria into careful consideration:  

  • Ease of Use 
  • Value for Money 
  • Functionality
  • Customer Support
  • Likelihood to Recommend  

Of course, several factors influence final consumer ratings in each of these general criteria areas. From product integration and mobile access to data generation and online security, users are asked to consider all aspects of app design, operation, and cost while paying particular attention to the specific elements that matter the most to them.  
Gathering feedback from a wide variety of users, GetApp assesses the performance of all leading digital products according to five key criteria areas. After tabulating all data points, GetApp assesses a final score in each of these criteria areas. Each of these five scores will range between 0 and 20 in total points. Before publishing its results, GetApp adds all of these criteria area scores together, resulting in a final maximum score of 100.  
To develop each Category Leaders ranking list, the GetApp research team generally evaluates hundreds of category-specific products. The 10 to 15 products that generate the highest scores are ultimately recognized as Category Leaders.  
From there, by employing highly-interactive and fully “clickable” technology, the official GetApp website makes it extremely easy to compare the leading accounting software platforms side by side. In addition to examining overall ratings and scores, GetApp helps website visitors to readily isolate specific criteria areas of interest.  
Although data analytics is its bread and butter, GetApp qualifies its high quantifiable data for users who want information about SaaS software that is easily digestible. To further these ends, it provides brief but insightful descriptions of all its top-ranking products using plain language.  
The Bottom Line on BQE CORE, According to GetApp 
To achieve its final score of 99 and secure the number one spot on the 2021 GetApp Category Leader list for Accounting Software, BQE CORE Reviews earned perfect scores in the “ease of use,” “functionality,” “customer support,” and “likelihood to recommend” criteria areas. It fell only a single point short of perfection in terms of “value for money.” No other accounting software platform was able to achieve an overall Category Leader score higher than 95. 
And as far as value is concerned, BQE CORE’s slightly lower-cost competitor, Zarmoney, underperformed in both the “ease of use” and “functionality” categories according to GetApp 
In its description of BQE CORE, GetApp praises the platform’s ability to help businesses operate with less hassle and greater profitability. BQE CORE’s GetApp description specifically highlights the innovative ways in which the platform organizes essential information and automates repetitive tasks. 
Isn’t it time you learned more about what makes CORE the best in the industry, as well as how BQE can help you streamline your accounting process? 


Tabitha Jean Naylor
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