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Podcast: Interview with the Sorceress Jordanna Eyre (#004)

May 21, 2019 | By Steven Burns, FAIA | 0 Comments

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“There’s data that can be uncovered within the self.” — Jordanna Eyre

Jordanna Eyre (@JordannaEyre) is the founder of Modern Day Sorcerer, a business coaching and mentoring program that works with leaders to bring spirituality into their businesses and organizations. She also founded an online, accredited leadership academy called Sorcerer School.

This was a really challenging interview for me. As you know, my hope with this podcast is to bring you ideas that might be applied to your business, or at least inspire you to do other great things, even if it’s a bit controversial. I decided to tackle this subject of “business sorcery” because it’s totally outside my area of understanding.

You’ll be able to hear this in my voice as I fumble around searching for ways to connect with our guest. This is not fault of hers; it’s really that I decided to take on a subject which is way outside my wheelhouse. (I don’t even have the proper vocabulary to have a truly valuable conversation with her).

I was interested in speaking with Jordanna because she works with leaders from many different industries. This has nothing to do with whether you’re an engineer, architect, lawyer, accountant, or run a grocery store. What’s interesting to me is that she works with leaders to dissolve the separation between our practical and spiritual lives.

In principle, I really like this idea. It’s somewhat related to my thoughts about reading books that are outside one’s typical area of interest. Or reading a business book about an industry that is totally unrelated to yours. There are things that we see and learn from on the other side of the street that can help inform us about brilliant new things we can do in our own yard.

My desire to speak with Jordanna was to find out more about her work, which ultimately is intended to redefine our conventional definitions of power, money, and relationships — both personal and in work. In fact, her sorceress powers also extend into working with people in government.

Not only do I see nothing wrong with this, but if you go back and listen to my brief 15-minute podcast, “The Nature of Business”, you’ll understand my thoughts that the structures we have devised for ourselves and the way we run business are totally a matter of chance. Who happened to be in the driver seat at all these pivotal moments in the evolution of business is what shapes our reality. It’s not that hard to insert an ingredient into anything that can totally change things.

I think Jordanna is on to something and I am quietly cheering for her and those of her ilk that are looking to bring out the uniqueness in each individual so they can bring their humanity to every aspect of their lives, from the personal to the business to society, without any regard to the current expectations and limitations.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!

— Steve

P.S. — Feel free to download a copy of her meditation, “Powerful Beyond All Measure Meditation”, in the Selected Links section below.

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  • How Jordanna describes what she does for a living
  • What she discovered when she stopped reading and looking outside of herself for answers
  • How she became a “sorceress” instead of a “business coach”
  • What happened to her first company during the 2008 recession
  • What she believes to be true that most people disagree with
  • The connection between one’s business and personal life
  • The innate wisdom that’s inside all of us
  • The relationship between intuition and data
  • The most impactful book she’s read
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