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Conquer the Machines at Scaling New Heights 2018

Scaling New Heights 2018 is coming up on June 17, and although the theme is "tame the machines," we want to take things a step further. If you join us there, we'll show you how to not just live alongside rapid advances in technology, but also how to put them to work to transform your career and business.

We'll be hosting several sessions to demonstrate how embracing technology and strategies like artificial intelligence, automation, and business intelligence will grow your profits and make you an office superhero.

Core Level 1 Certification SessionSunday, June 17 at 12 PM

Join BQE CEO and Founder Shafat Qazi to learn the ins and outs of BQE Core, the 360-degree cloud business management platform. Shafat will show you key features of Core's accounting, business intelligence, time and expense tracking, billing, and project management capabilities. He'll highlight how Core's innovative technology benefits both you and your clients by increasing efficiency, offering valuable insights, and growing profits. You'll discover how the Core partner program works, and get a level 1 reseller certificate that adds to your status as a trusted expert. The icing on the cake? This session is available for CPE credit!

Get the details about the certification session here.

If you can't make the certification session, or if you simply want to learn more about Core, be sure to contact us.

Power Breakfast: Improving Profitability Through Business Intelligence & Automation - Tuesday, June 19 at 7 AM

Get up bright and early for Shafat's critical seminar on business intelligence and automation. He'll employ real-world examples to prove the value of automating your day-to-day tasks and taking a closer look at your company's data. You'll walk away with an understanding of the rapidly changing business management technology landscape and the metrics you need to track to get ahead. This session is also available for CPE credit.

Click here to read more about Improving Profitability Through Business Intelligence & Automation.

Plus, make sure to come to booth 44 to discover more about how to leverage the latest and greatest technology to cut costs, save time, and grow your company.