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Project Management

Use These 3 Apps for Perfect Project Management

Use These 3 Apps for Perfect Project Management - BQE Software

If you've read much of my content on here (or elsewhere), then you've likely see me cover these three cloud based project management applications. None of these have the accounting and budgeting functions, like BillQuick, or BillQuick Online have, but that isn't always what we need. Sometimes we need an application that focuses on Milestones, Tasks, Delegation, and Accountability.

  • ActiveCollab
  • Asana
  • Smartsheet

Each of the three applications above work really well, but they each have very different layouts. There are many overlapping options between them, and you'll see how each of them handles certain things a little differently. You might say one is better than the others for certain things, and vice versa. You're probably right, but if I ask 10 people, I will get varied opinions about which one does which things better and why.

There is no one size fits all solution. You have to decide which one works best for you, and the reason can be as simple as, "I just like it better."

Each of these applications has the infrastructure for handling what I laid out in my previous post, "How to Manage Projects Effectively."

In the video above, I go through setting up a sample project in each of the three applications. I'm going to keep it very generic.

I'll show you how to set up the following:

  • Projects
  • Milestones
  • Tasks

This will give you an idea of the layout of each application. Then you can decide which one you think will work best, or take a free trial, set up one project in each, and test them, to see.

Often times, I've found that the best way to test these things is to put  a real live use case in them, and actually test them.

Watch the video above, and see how to set up your projects, milestones, and tasks in ActiveCollab, Asana, and Smartsheet.

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