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How to Set up Email Notifications for Time and Expense Entry Approvers in BillQuick Online

It's great to have powerful job tacking software, as well as time billing invoice software. It's even better to be able facilitate an approval process in that software. In fact, any accounting and invoicing software that didn't offer this, would be leaving a big gaping hole in your process, wouldn't it? With BillQuick and BillQuick Online, we can set up that workflow.

A workflow is useless if the right notifications don’t go out to the right people, at the right time, to keep the process flowing. Recently I showed you how you can completely automate the billing process in BillQuick. Now we’re talking about the opposite situation - where you need to be able to approve time and expenses along the way.

In order to do this, you’ll need approvers. Those approvers need to  be set up as BillQuick Online users with a valid email address. You will need your “mail server” name from whomever it is that hosts your e-mail. If you use Godaddy, for example, it is likely something like smtpout.[yourdomain].com. Everything else should be pretty straightforward.

Once you have this setup, click the little envelope icon, next to where it says, “Save Your Changes Prior to Testing.” That will test your settings to make sure you’ve entered them correctly.

Once this is set up, then any user who is designated as the reviewer will need to update his / her settings to be notified when time or expenses are submitted to them for review. In addition, be sure to check the settings further down, where it says, “Send above notifications via [] Email [] Web Suite Message."

Make sure you check Email!

You’ll notice while you’re here, that there are many other notification preferences you can set. Look around! Have fun!