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How to Enter and Track Time in BillQuick and BillQuick Online - Deep Dive Tutorial

Of course you can track time in BillQuick and BillQuick Online. I am sure you knew that long before you got here. A post in our BillQuick Users Group on Facebook lead me to believe that it might be useful to walk through some of the lesser known options for tracking time.

BillQuick and BillQuick Online are time, billing, and invoicing software products. These are also powerful job cost tracking software, and generally time management software products.

Some users will have the same basic time sheets week in, and week out, such as the admin staff. In other cases, people are working on mostly the same projects from one week to the next.

In each of the above cases, the ability to copy your time sheet from a prior week comes in really handy. In both versions (desktop and online), you can easily do this in the Simple Time Card Entry view.

It works a little differently in each version. The above video will show you what this looks like.

And, what if you want to enter your time manually with starting and ending times?

You can do this in the desktop version.

In BillQuick Online, you can’t do this per se, but you do have some interesting options for time entry by using the timer.

Similar to copying your time sheets, this works a little differently in BillQuick desktop vs. BillQuick Online.

Watch the video for a deep dive into your BillQuick time entry options.