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How to Use Fee Schedules In BillQuick (Desktop)

Sep 28, 2016 | By Seth David | 0 Comments

Topics: Tips and Tricks, Invoicing, Fee Schedules, Rates, Billing, BillQuick

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you How to Use Fee Schedules in BillQuick Online. Now I want to take a look at what this looks like in BillQuick Desktop. The concept is the same, but of course the interface is different.

The reasons for using Fee Schedules in BillQuick haven’t changed, of course. You’re using robust time and billing software, and there are possibly many dynamics that might impact whether or not you are using your standard billing rates, or something different. Any accounting and invoicing software should provide for this, but most only provide for a single standard rate to be set. Other accounting software with invoicing, may have simplified ways of altering standard rates on a project, such as applying a set percentage increase across the board. More often than not, that way of managing your fees will not prove to be useful.

If you are using accounting software for attorneys, this can be especially useful, because of their needs. There are many other professional services fields, where having the ability to set, and assign fee schedules by project will not only be useful, but a necessary part of their accounting and invoicing software.

The video above will show you exactly how to set up your fee schedules in BillQuick, and assign them to a project.