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Why QuickBooks Users Need BillQuick - Allocation and Forecasting

QuickBooks is great accounting software, but it doesn’t have the robust project management features that BillQuick offers. Nor should it. QuickBooks is accounting software, not project management software. BillQuick completes the picture, especially for project managers. BillQuick is accounting software, as well as powerful job tracking software, that handles time, and expenses beautifully. The information that BillQuick gathers from both users and project managers is then presented back to you, in a way that gives you plenty of intelligence, so that you have the best possible chance of managing your projects profitably.

Last week we looked at the Project Center in BillQuick. This gives a project manager one place from which to manage all projects at a high level. Then from there you can quickly determine which projects need more attention.

The next place a project manager needs to go in BillQuick is the Allocation and Forecasting area. This is next level stuff. It lets you see, in a very visual way, who’s doing what, when, where, and how.

Task Allocation

I love the Gantt Chart view that you can get in the Task Allocation screen. You can re-size this, by the way, to make it easier to see. As you scroll to the right you can see the timeline with any dependencies.

Dependencies are set up in the top section. You’ll find the column called, “Predecessor Task.” This is where you establish, for a particular task, what has to happen, before this one can be started. The Gantt Chart below will fill in, as you create these dependencies.

Calendar View

The Calendar View allows you to see at a glance, a timeline based on Employee, or Project, and hours, or amounts (dollars).

My favorite view on this is Employee, hours. BillQuick will light up any areas in red, where you might be over burdening an employee. You can set the interval to “Week” or “Month.”

Each employee can be expanded on the left to show which projects they have, and how many hours are allocated to each. BillQuick figures this out automatically based on the number of hours assigned, and the start and end date in the Task Allocation tab. BillQuick assumes an even distribution of the hours for the time frame.