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How to Use Billing Schedules and Automatic Billing to Free Up Time

The short answer is that when you use features like billing schedules and automatic billing in BillQuick, you can get more done, in less time, and increase profitability!

BillQuick offers a myriad of options for how you can bill your clients for time and expenses. You can also bill on a schedule. Most accounting software applications make it easy enough, to bill a recurring monthly amount. Ask those developers, however, what about a billing schedule, where the amounts vary from month to month? You’ll get that deer in the headlights look. BillQuick makes this process easy. Here’s how to use billing schedules and automatic billing to free up time.

To understand how to set up the billing schedule, we have to go back to the project setup. We’re talking about a Fixed Fee Contract. This has to be setup. Then we can set the billing schedule. Then we can turn on Automatic Billing.

BillQuick has the features that will use intelligence to free up as much of your time, as is possible. The Automatic Billing feature allows you to put your billing on autopilot for the duration of the project. Not only that, but if you are billing based on time and expenses, you can set time and expenses to be approved automatically, and then turn on automatic billing. Then every month all of your time and expenses can be pushed straight to an individual, who can review, approve, and send. You can also choose to automatically process the invoice, and then inform an individual, so that, unless there are issue, that person can simply hit send.

When you start diving into these features within BillQuick, you can begin to experience, firsthand, how to use billing schedules and automatic billing to free up time. This will allow you to focus on the areas of your business, that bring IN more business. Then while you’re projects are being run more efficiently, you can improve your bottom line, while spending less time.