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BillQuick Mobile App Just Got More Awesome!

Feb 18, 2016 | By Jenny Ouyang | 2 Comments

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Along with the BillQuick 2016 release, we also added brand new features in the BillQuick Mobile app to give users more flexibility and control over their time and expense entries. The latest version of the mobile app is versatile and runs on three major platforms: iPhone, Android Device and Windows Phone. It is made for the working professional who is constantly on-the-go and needs a powerful app that makes it very easy and convenient to track time and expenses.

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome new mobile app features:

  1. Start and Stop Time for Time Entry – You won’t have to manually calculate the number of hours you’ve worked. BillQuick Mobile app will automatically calculate the number of hours based on your start and stop times.
  2. Smart Expense Log – Enter in the unit with the expense code and BillQuick Mobile app will automatically calculate the total cost for you based on that code’s cost rate on the server. You don’t have to worry about manual calculation or miscalculation again.
  3. Helpful Recently Used List – You now have the ability to select from the most recently used projects, activity and expense codes at the top of their respective lists. This will save you the hassle of searching for them in an extensive list.
  4. Default “Submit To” Setting – Streamline the submittal workflow by specifying the default manager or employee for all your time and expenses.
  5. Support for “Memo Required” Rule – Set a project rule for not allowing time or expense entries to be saved unless they have a memo attached to them. With specific instructions and detailed notes in the memo section, there is no confusion and everyone is on the same page.
  6. Display Project Name or ID – You now have the preference to display either the project name or ID on the time and expense screens.
  7. Support for Auto Approval – Provide users with auto-approve privileges so they don’t need to submit time and expenses anymore. This is a great feature for managers who just want their time and expenses to be immediately approved.
  8. Special Passwords – BillQuick Mobile app now allows you to use special characters (*&%) in your passwords for extra security.
  9. Smart Submittals – Get notified instantly if a time or expense submittal request has failed so you can try again when your phone is connected to the Internet.

The 2016 BillQuick Mobile app simplifies time and expense tracking while saving users valuable time in the process. Check out the slideshow below for screenshots of the new features.

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