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Do More in Less Time with BillQuick 2016

BillQuick 2016 is finally here and it delivers a powerful pack of new automation tools to help you do more in less time. There are over 80 new features designed to boost productivity by automating repetitive accounting and project management tasks.

“In the 2016 version, we focused on minimizing the time spent by our customers to complete their day-to-day tasks,” said Shafat Qazi, CEO and Founder of BQE Software. “Thanks to our amazing R&D team, we have added significant intelligence to our products, resulting in a richer user experience. The ultimate goal for our software is to give users the ability to complete their tasks accurately, intelligently and ahead of schedule.”

The latest version allows you to optimize business processes and save valuable time. Running on the .NET 4.5 engine, BillQuick 2016 is incredibly fast and powerful at delivering maximum results. Here are some of the top new features:

  • Enhanced Web & Mobile Application - New versions of the web and native mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows Phones.
  • Enhanced Accounting – Automatically import credit card transactions and completely eliminate manual data entry of credit card purchases.
  • Credit Card Expenses Tracking – Users can now specify which credit card they used when they fill their expense sheets. BillQuick then categorizes the expenses automatically for accounting.
  • Improved Project Management – Managers can run their project-based reports by simply selecting the top-level project and BillQuick will include all the sub-projects automatically.

To view short videos of these features and more in BillQuick 2016, please click here.