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BQE Software Unveils BillQuick Legal 2015

Apr 9, 2015 | By Jenny Ouyang | 0 Comments

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Available immediately, BQE BillQuick Legal 2015 combines the powerful functionality of BillQuick 2015 with legal significant industry-specific features to provide a smooth and efficient legal billing process. The 2015 release includes enhanced support for LEDES export, automatic billing options and the ability to capture every billable minute on your mobile device to maximize billable time for your firm.

The latest version is designed to help law firms precisely track their billable hours and manage both their billing and accounting in a single integrated system. This year, we have added notable time tracking and invoicing features in BillQuick Legal 2015 to accelerate legal electronic billing, including:

  • Built-in UTBMS A-Codes and L-Codes
  • Support for multiple options to export to LEDES
  • New Recurring + Hourly contract type
  • Ability to specify a different liability account at the matter level
  • Ability to assign a different Accounts Payable account at the vendor level

To learn more about BillQuick Legal and download a free trial, visit